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Soya Nuggets Extruder

The soy protein extruder production line is developed by Shandong Loyal Industrial Co., Ltd. based on years of extrusion equipment production experience, combined with foreign advanced equipment research and development and manufacturing, through analysis of market needs, carefully developed by a professional manufacturing team, and launched to the market A puffing equipment for producing high protein and high fiber. Our technicians are all professionals who have more than ten years of experience in making packaging machine equipment. With advanced technology, reasonable structure, superior performance, and reliable quality, it can be said to be a piece of ideal equipment.


The soy protein extruder production line uses defatted soybean and peanut meals as the primary raw materials and is squeezed and sheared by the powder mixer. The material is organized in the barrel at high temperature, high pressure, and high kneading to contain the protein and form a layered fiber structure. The product has high nutritional value. , It has the state and taste of meat, has the characteristics of oil absorption, water absorption, and taste absorption. It does not contain cholesterol and animal fat. The fiber is in good condition and high in toughness. Manufacturers favor it. It can be widely used in the meat industry, fast food, quick-frozen food, and be made into various vegetarian snack foods and vegetarian dishes.

The product has a wide range of uses, is suitable for various food fields, and has high compatibility. At present, the soy protein extruder has become the best choice for many food processing companies because of its convenience, cleanness, and easy operation. Shandong Loyal Industrial Co., Ltd.'s after-sales service promises that in the later period, we will have professional technicians to guide your company employees in using the machine to eliminate all difficulties for you.


We are very confident in our machinery and equipment. We believe that you can buy your satisfied soy protein extruder from us, and you will be proud of our machines. At present, Shandong Loyal Industrial Co., Ltd. relies on a strong technical force and strong sales capabilities. The company’s main products are at the top level in the domestic industry. Our products are sold to all provinces, cities, autonomous regions, and municipalities and exported to Russia, the Philippines, India, Myanmar, Vietnam, and other countries.


Shandong Loyal Industrial Co., Ltd. is your first choice if you want to buy a soy protein extruder. Since the company's establishment, it has always adhered to customer-centricity and takes seriously every aspect of R&D and production. The staff is extremely responsible, carefully researching and developing the manufacturing equipment, adhering to a rigorous and scientific attitude, to ensure that each equipment produced has superior performance, reliable quality, and stable operation. Moreover, our equipment is of high quality and low price. While guaranteeing the quality of machinery and equipment, we can assure you that our price is also competitive among peers.


More instructions:

Soy protein is tasteless, but when you add moisture to it and add your condiments, it will add a good protein filler to many dishes that require minced meat. Due to its different textures, it has a wide range of uses and can present the surface of many types of meat. For example, it is very suitable for chili, tacos, vegetarian burgers, and soups. It can be boiled at high temperatures to make different flavors or used as a filling to add to dietary products. When it is used to replace meat in stews and soups, your family can hardly tell the difference, and since you can soak it in many sauces that are the same as meat, it can take on the taste of meat. The main machine of the soybean protein production line is a twin-screw extruder with high power, a reliable power distribution box system, automatic electrification control, automatic feeding mechanism, rotary cutting device, etc. The equipment adopts a PLC control interface display screen, which is installed near the control panel to easily observe the inside. The internal material of the machine is rugged, high-temperature resistant, and does not require high ambient temperature. It can work continuously for 24 hours. The production line has a high degree of automation, convenient operation, small floor space, energy-saving, low processing loss, and deep processing of soybeans and various grains. Our equipment works very efficiently, and the price is guaranteed to make you satisfied.


In addition, we have a set of professional testing standards, and we will conduct mechanical debugging and parts quality inspection before shipment to ensure that the product has good performance and can withstand the review.


Buying guide ~ help you buy the suitable product

1. Process flow of soy protein extruder:

1) Powder mixing machine (powder mixing) → 2) Screw conveyor → 3) Twin screw extruder (extrusion, cutting and forming) → 4) Air conveyor (conveying) → 5) Oven (baking) → 6 ) Cooling conveyor

The defatted soy flour that meets the specifications is mixed with 25%-30% water into the twin-screw extruder. In this machine, moisture is compressed in a spiral shape under high temperature and high pressure, and the atmospheric pressure is rapidly compressed to produce dry soybean products. Soybean tissue is completely destroyed in the process of pressure reduction, and the digestibility is improved. Harmful physiological substances such as trypsin in soybeans are inactivated by heat, and the inherent beany smell and odor of soybeans are removed, and the product can be made into fiber. Specially structured products such as crystalline, porous structure, sponge, etc., are packaged after cooling and drying.


Decomposition and detailed explanation:

1) Mixing powder machine:

Add different raw materials and auxiliary materials to the powder mixer in proportion to mix various materials. After turning on the machine to mix all the materials, add water and mix evenly.

2) Host:

a) Automatic feeder: After the main machine is warmed up to the temperature, the barrel temperature is stable, and the oil is circulating, the main motor is adjusted to about 700 rpm, and the feeder is started to feed. The feed speed is observed by the DC meter of the control cabinet. At the same time as the initial feeding, evenly add 500ml of water from the feeding port to facilitate the discharging. The feeding speed is from slow to fast. The feeding amount should be in line with the main body's feeding amount. There is no accumulation or empty material. After feeding, pay attention to the instructions of the main motor ammeter at any time, generally 30-40A.

b) Extrusion extruder: In the process of extruding and extruding, the material is placed in a sealed barrel equipped with a screw (spindle). When the screw makes a compound movement with the rotation of the screw, it is affected by mechanical friction and the material inside. The material temperature gradually rises and reaches a high temperature due to the shearing force and the heat energy from the outside of the barrel; because the material is in a sealed state, high pressure is generated as the sealing volume changes and the temperature rises. Therefore, the material is Under the dual action of high temperature and high pressure. It gradually becomes the gel state of superheated rheology and obtains a large amount of energy, which changes the original physical and chemical properties. The larger the screw diameter ratio, the better the maturation effect relative to the soybean protein. The soybean protein processing equipment of Shandong Loyal Industrial Co., Ltd. can generally reach a screw diameter ratio of 36D. The particular screw meshing result is greatly improved. The effect of soy protein extrusion. When the material is extruded into the average temperature and pressure state through the die, a large amount of energy is released instantly, and the volume expands rapidly. The end of the extruder is equipped with a mold, which can be replaced to make the product into different shapes.

c) Rotary cutting device: After the material is extruded, open the rotary cutting device and adjust the rotary cutting speed to cut the product into the required shape and length.

3) Wind conveyor

The formed products are cooled by the conveyor belt and sent to the oven by the wind.

4) Oven

Drying time and temperature can be adjusted. Shandong Loyal Industrial Co., Ltd. oven adopts a hot air circulation system to effectively utilize thermal efficiency and avoid excessive temperature, which may cause gelatinization of materials.

5) Cooler

Multiple cooling fans are placed above the conveyor belt to quickly cool down the temperature physically, which is convenient for plain packaging in the later stage.


2. Advantages of composing extensions:

1). Twin screw extruder

1. The main extruder adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, which has a high degree of automation.

2. The screws are made of stainless steel and unique technology, which have the advantages of durability, high-pressure resistance, and long life.

3. Powerful lubrication system to ensure longer transmission life of the equipment.

4. Automatic temperature control systems and self-cleaning are more convenient.

5. The most comprehensive application range, which can produce products of different equipment and different models.


2). Multi-layer oven

1. We have four kinds of dryers, including fuel oven, gas oven, electric oven, and high temperature aerated oven (used to produce corn flakes).

2. The number of layers of the electric oven can be customized according to customer needs, and each layer has electric heating pipes to heat more evenly.

3. The dryer has a compact structure, small drying area, and large surface area. It also has the characteristics of small heat dissipation and high thermal efficiency.

4. The mesh belt conveyor and insulation board are stainless steel to make the equipment clean and hygienic.

5. The speed of the mesh belt conveyor is adjustable, and the food drying time in the oven is flexible.

6. The automatic temperature control system can set the temperature according to your needs.

7. Leak-proof belts are installed on both sides of the mesh belt to reduce material waste.

8. Each oven is equipped with a swing headcloth system so that the materials are evenly distributed on the mesh belt to avoid uneven baking.


3) . Advantages of the cooler:

1. The available length is 5 meters, but we can make it according to customer's requirements.

2. Above is a fan to accelerate physical heat dissipation.

3. The goods are conveyed by belts and cooled by fans.

4. The material in contact with food is stainless steel.

5. The transmission speed is adjustable.


3. Our advantages:

1) The alloy (38CrMoAL) screw is nitrided, which has high strength and wear resistance. Strong, self-cleaning ability, no need to unload or clean the barrel and screw when baking or changing materials.

2) The feeding system, extrusion system, and cutting system all adopt speed-regulating converters. A food-grade stainless steel twin-screw feeder provides stable feeding during the entire food processing process.

3) The gearbox has an automatic lubrication function to extend the life of the gear.

4) World-famous Siemens main motor, quality assurance

5) A radiator is added to the driving part to force a cooling effect to ensure the safe operation of the extruder.

6) The cutting knife is fixed on the die head base, and the triangle belt drives the rotary cutting.


4. Main features of soy protein extruder:

1) The motor and the gearbox are directly driven to reduce energy consumption.

2) The feeding, primary driving device, and rotary cutting device adopt frequency converter to adjust the speed, the transmission is more substantial, the operation is stable, and the consumption is low.

3) The screw is made of durable alloy steel. Segmented assembly screws are used in the broader variety of materials and products.

4) Automatic lubrication system reduces power consumption and prolongs service life.

5) The twin-screw controls the same amount of feed.

6) Hanging die (mold) and tool holder and bearing tool adjustment system can adjust the knife accurately and quickly.


5. Production technology principle:

The technical key and critical point of this production line is the use of extrusion technology. After the material is expanded, the volume becomes more extensive, the taste is crispy, the starch is gelatinized, and the water-soluble components are increased. It is easy to be absorbed by the human body.


The main component of cereals is starch. Since raw starch is insoluble in water and not easily decomposed under the action of enzymes, it is difficult to be digested and absorbed by the human body. Only by swelling it with hot water to make the starch gelatinize can it be digested and absorbed by the human body. However, commonly cooked foods will gradually harden at room temperature or low temperature, and their taste will deteriorate. This is commonly referred to as starch "regeneration", and the starch in this state is called beta starch. The extrusion technology is to make the raw starch of the material gelatinize and become an alpha starch structure that is easily absorbed by the human body. It can maintain a stable alpha structure for a certain time to prevent "regeneration" and maintain a good taste.


The structure of starch is alphabetized, which facilitates the decomposition of various enzymes and degrades nutrients such as starch and protein to varying degrees, increasing water-soluble components. And improve the taste of the product. Due to the high temperature and high pressure, cereal starch is matured very thoroughly, and the starch chain is significantly damaged, so the starch can maintain a stable α structure, which can prevent "regeneration", which is conducive to the long-term storage of the product. During the puffing process, part of the protein is also degraded and decomposed into amino acids that are easily absorbed by the human body. The amino acid content has increased by 70%. In addition, the irreversible thermal denaturation of the protein during the puffing process improves its digestion and absorption rate. Since the expansion of the material is completed in a very short time, the loss of nutrients in the material is much smaller than that of ordinary cooking methods, and the nutrients in the material are retained to a great extent.


In summary, using a twin-screw extruder production line to produce soybean tissue protein has the advantage of providing a variety of nutrients to the human body, solving the problem of single nutrition in the original technology, reasonable design, advanced technology, and high degree of automation. , Soy protein products have good functionality and a wide range of applications.


6. Product prospects of soy protein extruder:

The products produced by the fully automatic soy protein extruder are in line with people’s current fashion concept of pursuing health and eating green food. The raw materials are rich, and there are many varieties, and the market is enormous. Therefore, the market prospects are broad and will indeed produce good economic benefits and social benefits. The product produced by the automatic soy protein extruder has a good taste and can well retain the nutrients in the soybeans. Many friends love it because of its high protein, low fat, pure natural, pleasant color, and long shelf life. There are many repeat customers. The fully automatic soy protein extruder investment is small, the sunk cost required is not high, the technology is simple and easy to learn, and it can be produced all year round. It can be provided to local supermarkets and school canteens, which is a good project for making profits and getting rich.


7. The nutritional value of soy protein:

The food that the modern population needs should not only cause appetite but also have any adverse side effects and be rich in nutrients. Among the existing food groups, no other crop meets the conditions as mentioned above and has abundant sources of raw materials than soybeans. Foods made with soy protein are hailed as "green foods" by nutritionists. Soy protein has a significant lowering effect on people with high cholesterol. The arginine content in soy protein foods is higher than that of ordinary amino acid-containing foods, such as milk. The arginine ratio to lysine is also reasonable; the lipid and linoleic acid are extremely rich and contain no cholesterol, preventing cardiovascular disease in adulthood. Rich in lecithin, it can remove excess sterols from the blood and is known as the "vascular scavenger." Soy protein foods are easier to digest and absorb. This soy protein is an essential nutrient for everyone. Still, the daily dietary intake is insufficient mainly, and it must be supplemented by eating soy protein products, especially for certain special groups such as children, pregnant women, lactating mothers, and the elderly.


Moreover, the food is rich in seasoning and can have the shape and taste of meat. Compared with meat products, the nutrient content of soy protein is similar, but the calories are meager. It can satisfy the taste needs while taking into account the taste. It is indeed the gospel for most people who lose weight and the "three highs" patients.


8. Maintenance instructions:

1). Check the parts regularly, once a month, check whether the worm gear, worm, bolts on the lubricating block, bearings, and other movable parts are flexible and worn. If any defects are found, they should be repaired in time and should not be used reluctantly.

2). The machine should be used in a dry and clean room and should not be used in places where the atmosphere contains acids and other gases that are corrosive to the body.

3). After the machine is used or stopped, the rotating drum should be taken out to clean and brush the remaining powder in the bucket, and then install it, ready for the subsequent use.


9. Why choose us:

Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. is located in Jinan, the capital of Shandong Province, a famous industrial city. We are a professional manufacturer of food machinery, mainly engaged in manufacturing and researching and developing food machinery. According to the different requirements of customers, we can provide all kinds of puffed snacks, corn flakes, nutritional powder, pet food, and other complete processing lines. Our technical assistance will always help customers produce high-quality products. Shandong Loyal Industrial Co., Ltd. has a highly skilled commissioning and maintenance team. Successfully assisting the training of technicians from other countries ensures the smooth construction of the project and the long-term stability of the equipment. An important guarantee for good operation. Our company will train operators according to the specific application conditions of the project. According to different user levels, develop corresponding training plans. The trained operator will be familiar with the applicable principles of the equipment, be able to use the equipment proficiently, give full play to the application capabilities of the equipment, and have specific failure analysis and handling capabilities. With our rich experience and professional experts in the extruded food industry, we can provide the most suitable and complete solution to ensure that your investment gets the most benefit.


10.We will provide you with the best and thoughtful service:

1). Free consultation service before, during, and after-sale.

2). According to customers' special requirements, free project planning and design services are provided.

3). Debug the device online for free until everything is normal.

4). Provide 1-year complete warranty and lifetime maintenance services; Except for manufactured damage, the seller is responsible for the natural damage of the machine within one year. All spare parts and wearing parts are attached to the machine free of charge.

We promise:

Pre-sale services


Services during the sales


After-sale services


1). Provide professional advisory services.

1). Confirm every term and details and sign contract with customers.

1). Provide installation, commissioning, and training.


2). Communicating with the customer and learn your requirement.

2). Inspect the machine before leaving the factory.

2). Provide necessary technical support and update information.

3). Welcome to visit our factory.

3). Packing machines and delivery on time.



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