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Industrial Microwave Oven

Industrial microwave ovens are widely popular among food processors for the efficiency and control they bring to the process. Loyal Industrial as a manufacturer have a standard design to meet your need. 
Industrial Microwave Systems get rid of the issues with industrial microwave systems, along with the disadvantages that result with conventional hot surface heating and drying systems.
By providing uniform, efficient and reliable microwave energy, we can help reduce heating, drying, sanitizing, extraction, plasma generation, chemical industry production costs by reducing on-hand inventory requirements and increasing final yields.Industrial Microwave Systems designs are available using either 915 or 2450 MHz.
    Whether you are new to Industrial Microwave Systems or an experienced user, we offer products and services targeted to your needs. From complete systems and spare parts to upgrades and consultative services, we pride ourselves on being the very best in the business.



Why is the microwave important?

The heart of a microwave oven is a magnetron. The tube is a microwave generator that produces microwaves that vibrate 450 million times per second. The microwaves, invisible to the naked eye, can penetrate food up to 5cm deep and cause the water molecules in the food to move along with them, generating a lot of heat energy during the violent movement, so the food "cooks". That's how microwave ovens work. Industrial Microwave System is fast and efficient.



What are the parts of microwave?

The main components of Industrial Microwave System include microwave cavity, microwave generator, waveguide, suppressor, material conveying mechanism, heat and moisture removal mechanism, measurement system, automatic control system and operation interface. The structure form, power configuration and subsidiary organization of industrial microwave equipment are determined according to the specific production process. The company will design and produce the corresponding equipment according to the actual situation of customers.

Microwave Assisted Thermal Sterilization Equipment
Microwave Assisted Thermal Sterilization Equipment
Industrial Microwave Oven
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Microwave Sterilization Equipment
Microwave Sterilization Equipment
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Medicine Processing, Chemicals Processing, Food Processing
Industrial Microwave Vacuum Dryer
Industrial Microwave Vacuum Dryer
Microwave Vacuum Dryer
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Industrial Defrosting Equipment
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Industrial Microwave Batch Oven
Industrial Microwave Batch Oven
Vacuum Drying Equipment
Medicine Processing, Chemicals Processing, Food Processing
Industrial Tunnel Continuous Microwave Dryer
Industrial Tunnel Continuous Microwave Dryer
Industrial Microwave Dryer
Food Processing, Chemical, food, wood, tea flower and so on
Industrial Vegetable Dryer Machine
Industrial Vegetable Dryer Machine
Food & Beverage Factory, Food & Beverage Shops
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