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Industrial Microwave Oven

Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of industrial microwave ovens, which are popular among food processors for the efficiency and control they bring. Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. has a standard design to meet your needs as a manufacturer.


Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. industrial microwave ovens are used to dry, dry, and sterilize. Microwave equipment has a great role in extending the shelf life of food, preserving the original flavor and nutrients of food, retaining the physiological activity of raw materials, enhancing the functionality of healthy food, and increasing the added value of agricultural products. industrial microwave oven technology has obvious advantages. Firstly, it can effectively maintain the shape, color, nutrient content, and aroma of the material unchanged, which are characteristics that are particularly important for the production of health products; secondly, it can substantially save energy. Materials require supplementary sublimation heat when treated by freeze-drying methods.


Suppose you want to buy an industrial microwave oven, Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. is your first choice because our equipment is of high quality and low price, and we can assure you that our prices are competitive among our peers while guaranteeing the quality of our machines and equipment.


Production Processes

Tunnel microwave drying equipment has a single microwave drying equipment, combined hot air + tunnel microwave drying equipment, lightwave + microwave traditional tunnel drying equipment, etc. Oil heating tunnel drying equipment covers an area of small, sustainable production speed high yield.


More Description

Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. has a wide range of industrial microwave ovens to choose from, including tunnel type and chamber type, vacuum microwave are available. Our units all use a PLC control interface with a display mounted near the control panel for easy viewing of the interior. Microwave dryers are a new type of drying method. When drying, the microwave energy is converted into heat by direct action on the molecules of the medium. Because of the penetrating properties of microwaves, the medium is heated inside and outside at the same time, without heat conduction, so the heating speed is breakneck and can be shortened hundreds of times for foodstuffs with moisture content below 30%.


Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd.'s industrial microwave ovens can be customized according to customer's needs. We have professional staff to design a plan according to your needs first and then send it to the customer for adjustment to ensure your satisfaction. The industrial microwave ovens sold by Shandong Loyal Industrial Co., Ltd. have been well received by our customers both at home and abroad, and we are still updating and innovating our technology to make our machines even more advanced. Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. is constantly absorbing advanced microwave technology from home and abroad to produce better quality products.


Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturer of snack extruders, hot air dryers, and industrial microwave systems and is the executive director of the China Food and Drying Equipment Industry Association. industrial microwave oven equipment is also becoming more and more well known. Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. has a wide range of models for drying Chinese herbs, plant seeds, and various dehydrated vegetables. With its ever-increasing innovation, excellent flexibility in customization, and ever-improving delivery capabilities, it has won the trust and cooperation of customers both at home and abroad. Many of our customers have already come to the factory to see the machines in person, or you can get a third party to come and see the factory instead, our machines stand up to the test.


Buying Guide

If you are still hesitant to buy our industrial microwave ovens, if you want to start an industrial microwave business.


1. The working principle of industrial microwave oven

A microwave is a kind of high-frequency wave with a speed change of 2.4 billion times per second, causing a high-speed pendulum movement of water molecules. They rub against each other to produce significant heat, which can be convenient for drying materials.

After the object absorbs microwave energy into heat, the object temperature rises, the moisture in the object evaporates, dehydrates, and dries. If the dehydration rate is properly controlled, the structure of the thing can be loosened and puffed up when drying the material. In this process, the heating temperature can also be controlled to adjust upwards so that the object is baking.

(1) Furnace cavity. The furnace cavity is a microwave resonance cavity, which is the microwave energy into thermal energy to heat the space of the material. In order to make the material in the furnace cavity evenly heated, industrial microwave ovens are made into a tunnel type, with the material running continuously on a conveyor belt.

(2) Door. The door is designed to facilitate the cleaning of the oven cavity in an industrial microwave oven. The microwave oven's switching system consists of multiple safety interlocking micro switches to prevent leakage of microwaves.

(3) Electrical circuits. The electrical circuit is divided into three parts: the low-voltage circuit, the control circuit, and the high-voltage circuit. The circuit after the secondary winding of the high-voltage transformer is the high-voltage circuit, which mainly includes magnetron, high-voltage capacitor, high-voltage transformer, and high-voltage diode.

(4) Magnetron. The magnetron is the heart of the microwave oven, from which microwave energy is generated and emitted. The magnetron requires a very high pulsating DC anode voltage and a cathode voltage of about 3 to 4V to operate. The high voltage transformer, high voltage capacitor, and high voltage diode from a multiplier rectifier circuit provide the magnetron with the working voltage to meet these requirements.

The circuit between the primary winding of the high-voltage transformer and the power inlet of the industrial microwave oven is a low-voltage circuit (which also includes the control circuit), consisting mainly of fuses, thermal circuit breakers, protective switches, interlocking micro switches, lighting, timer, and power divider switches, conveyor motors, fan motors, etc.

(5) Timer. Microwave ovens generally have two types of a timer, namely mechanical timer and computer timer. The primary function is to select the set working time, and after the set time, the timer automatically cuts off the primary circuit of the microwave oven.

(6) Power divider. The power divider is used to adjust the average working time of the magnetron (i.e., when the magnetron is working intermittently, the ratio of "working" and "stopping" time) to achieve the purpose of adjusting the average output power of the microwave oven.

(7) Interlocking microswitches. The interlock micro switch is an important safety device for industrial microwave ovens. It has multiple interlocks, all controlled by the door open button or the door open button on the door handle. When the door is not closed, or the door is available, the circuit is broken, and the microwave oven stops working.

(8) Thermal circuit breaker. The thermal circuit breaker is a component used to monitor the operating temperature of the magnetron or oven cavity. When the operating temperature exceeds a specific limit, the thermal breaker will immediately cut off the power supply and stop the microwave oven from working.

This industrial microwave oven in the design of the above principles and the processing or production is also significant progress. This design also has the advantage of energy-saving and environmental protection, and in the production of the environment also has a certain improvement, people with the same thing is, of course, inseparable from the topic of money, in terms of cost, the cost of industrial microwave oven is relatively low, so, everyone in the use of this microwave oven Also pays attention to the pollution before or after the use of corruption to keep it clean and hygienic.


2. What are the components of an industrial microwave oven?

The main components of an industrial microwave system include a microwave cavity, microwave generator, waveguide, suppressor, material handling mechanism, heat and moisture dissipation mechanism, measurement system, automatic control system, and operator interface. The structural form, power configuration, and ancillary means of industrial microwave equipment are determined according to the specific production process. The company will design and produce the appropriate equipment according to the actual situation of the customer.


3. Why are industrial microwave ovens essential?

At the heart of a microwave oven is a magnetron tube. The tube is a microwave generator that produces microwaves that vibrate 450 million times per second. The microwaves, invisible to the naked eye, can penetrate food up to 5 cm deep, causing the water molecules in the food to move with it, generating a large amount of heat in the violent movement, so the food is 'cooked.' Industrial microwave systems are fast and efficient.


4. Technical advantages of industrial microwave ovens

Short time and high efficiency. Microwave heating is to make the object heated into a heating body without the need for a heat transfer process. The microwave penetrates the inside of the object from all sides. It is heated inside and outside simultaneously so that the object reaches uniform heating in a very short time, significantly reducing the drying time.

Easy to control, advanced technology. Compared with conventional drying methods, the equipment is ready to use. There is no thermal inertia, flexible and convenient operation; microwave power is adjustable, the transmission rate is adjustable. In microwave heating and drying, no waste gas is produced, which is harmless high-tech equipment.

Microwave drying differs from traditional drying methods in that the direction of heat transfer is the same as the direction of moisture diffusion. Compared with traditional drying methods, it has the advantages of large drying rate, energy saving, high production efficiency, uniform drying, clean production, easy to achieve automatic control and improve product quality, etc. Therefore, it is more and more important in various fields of drying.

Compared with traditional drying methods (hot air, steam, electric heating, etc.), microwave drying has the following significant "high quality, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection" characteristics:

①To achieve pollution-free and uniform drying of materials while significantly reducing the drying temperature;

②The drying speed is usually increased by several times or more, and the production efficiency is greatly improved;

③Drying energy consumption is usually reduced by more than 50%;

④realise safe and clean production.


5. Historical development of industrial microwave ovens

As early as the 1960s abroad, the application and theory of microwave drying technology has conducted a lot of research in recent decades and has been further developed. China's microwave drying technology research started late, compared with foreign countries have a particular gap, but also achieved good results, there are also many research and application results. China's microwave drying technology is now used in the food industry, materials chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, mineral extraction industry, ceramics industry, laboratory analysis, wet natural rubber processing, and so on.


6. Advantages of industrial microwave oven

1. the full use of microwave energy penetration, so that the water molecules or polar molecules in its magnetic field non-stop conversion of positive and negative poles, so that the molecules and molecules between the high-frequency friction heating, so that the water from the material from the inside to the outside of the rapid patter, and the most effective retention of energy conversion.

2. Working principle of heat conduction, from the outside to the inside of the material, internal polar molecules or water molecules occur high-frequency directional vibration, mutual friction so that the entire material to form a heating body. The microwave acts directly on the water molecules or damaging molecules. The conduction loss is slight.


7. Features of industrial microwave ovens

1. High efficiency: compared with conventional drying technology can improve work efficiency by more than four times.

2. Uniform heating: as microwave heating is the material inside and outside the heating simultaneously, the temperature difference between the material inside and outside is very small, which will not produce the conventional heating in the inconsistent heating situation, and make the drying quality greatly improved.

3. Easy to control: convenient for continuous production and automation because the microwave power can be quickly adjusted and has no inertia characteristics, easy to instantly control, easy to adapt and to determine the process parameters.

4. Small size of the equipment, easy to install and maintain.

5. Good product quality: compared with conventional methods, the quality of the processed product has been substantially improved.

6. In addition, microwave equipment has the effect of disinfection, sterilization, product safety, and hygiene. Shelf life can be extended.

From the above features, energy saving, consumption reduction, improved product quality, safety and health, low cost of investment in equipment, and other aspects can be seen its economic and social benefits are significant.


8. Products that can be dried in industrial microwave ovens

Dried vegetables include tomatoes, potatoes, garlic, ginger, onions, peppers, radishes, lettuce, pumpkins, carrots, spinach, cassava, etc.

Dried fruits such as apples, lemons, mangoes, plums, pineapples, apricots, pears, grapes, bananas

Dried fish, shrimp, sea cucumbers, etc.

Dried meat: sausages, beef, duck, ham, etc.

Dryers can also dry noodles, wood, sticks, herbs, flowers, etc.


9. Microwave drying and phase comparison of traditional drying technology

Traditional drying technology:

Traditional heating is through conduction, convection, and radiation. In the vacuum state of air, convection is challenging to carry out, only through conduction to provide heat energy to the material, dry paste. The surface of the material is first dried and hardened, forming a "solid" shell, the external heat is brutal to enter, the internal water is difficult to discharge. Therefore, the drying speed is slow, low efficiency, long cycle, the temperature is not easy to control, directly affecting the drying quality of the material.

Microwave vacuum drying technology features:

Microwave drying is the material in the microwave field after absorbing microwave energy own overall heat generation, heating speed, uniform distribution of heat energy, moisture quickly discharged, overcome the traditional heating energy from outside to inside gradually heating, forming the external temperature is high, the internal temperature is low, out dry inside wet problem.


10. How should I clean the industrial microwave oven after use?

1. Prepare cleaning utensils (rags, air hose, water, etc.).

2. Turn off all power supplies.

3. Rinse the inside of the microwave oven repeatedly with water until the dust-stained on the walls when the machine is agitated is rinsed away.

4. After rinsing clean with water, you have to use the air hose again to repeatedly clean the dryer's inside.

5. After confirming that it is clean, dry it with a rag or air dry it, put the lid on, and put all. Put the top back on and return all appliances to their original place.


11. Technical advantages of the industrial microwave oven

1. Easy to understand and operate user-controlled PLC system.

2. 304 food-grade stainless steel for a wide range of applications.

3. Teflon conveyor with the belt, frequency conversion.

4. Precise temperature control.

5. Microwave sterilization system with the clean heating process.

6. Heat from the microwave sterilization system penetrates the surface and interior of the object to be treated.

7. High-speed heating reduces the total processing time.

8. Highly controllable microwave heating process.

9. One-touch stop design.


12. Applications of industrial microwave ovens

1. Microwave sterilization technology to ensure healthier food to eat.

The dry sterilization process can achieve a perfect sterilization effect within the range of 60-80 degrees, while the traditional high-temperature sterilization has to reach more than 120 degrees, resulting in discoloration and nutrient loss

2. Cooking

Microwave food drying and sterilization equipment is the most common type of domestic and industrial cooking equipment. Our industrial microwave food drying and sterilization equipment is designed to reheat large quantities of lunch boxes cooked for exhibitions and other events using a tunnel-type conveyor belt.

3. Defrosting

Freshly frozen food at -20 to -30°C can be partially defrosted at -2 to -5°C using our temperature regulating equipment. Our industrial defrosting equipment is more commonly used for defrosting meat, including beef, chicken, and pork, rather than cooked food or final products.


13. Services

Upfront service:

As an excellent and experienced manufacturer of vegetable dryers, our company can provide our customers with products and services of excellent quality and reasonable price.

1. give customers a detailed introduction to the complementary products and answer questions from them carefully.

2. develop the appropriate project according to the customer's requirements to ensure that the industrial vegetable dryer is suitable for the material.

Sales service:

1. ensure that the products are of high quality and are pre-commissioned before delivery.

2. Delivery on time.

3. Provide a full set of documentation by the customer's requirements.

After-sales service:

Provide considerate service to minimize customer's worries.

1. Assist the customer in the preparation of the first construction program.

2. Installation and commissioning of equipment.

3. Training of front-line operators.

4. Inspect the equipment.

5. Take immediate initiative to carry out troubleshooting.

6. Provide technical support.

7. Establish long-term friendly relationships.

Service commitment:

1. offer customers a one-year warranty to ensure that the machine will work well.

2. Sending a preferential offer to each customer by e-mail.


14. Prospects for industrial microwave ovens

Industrial microwave oven equipment may not be known to many people in this term. The use of microwave can penetrate the material to reach the material inside and outside the principle of simultaneous heating, is a shining new star of the drying industry. At the same time, it also brings a technological revolution to China and even to the world of drying. Significant drying rate, energy saving, high production efficiency, uniform drying, clean production, easy to achieve automatic control, improved product quality. A series of significant advantages make its application in various fields of drying more and more attention. The research and application of microwave drying technology in China started late but is developing rapidly and has achieved good results in terms of technical analysis. It is widely used in the food industry, materials chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, and other fields. The future of microwave dryer application technology for the industrial development of the field is very broad. There is a lot of room for development. The development prospects are very attractive, will greatly promote the promotion and application of industrial microwave energy application technology, and accelerate industrialization process.


15. Why choose Shandong Loyal Industrial Co., Ltd.?

Microwave vacuum drying equipment can also be sterilized at the same time, the principle is the thermal and biological effect of the microwave electric field, which can complete the process of sterilization and mold extermination in a very short time, without the need for secondary sterilization, without the need for sterilization drugs to be put in, no residue, good product quality.

Food microwave vacuum dryer is made of stainless steel plate, exquisite appearance, strong and sturdy, with strong heat insulation and heat preservation performance, good working environment; the vacuum chamber has been polished and polished for many times, good airtightness, preventing secondary pollution; the equipment adopts PLC system, automatic temperature control system, video monitoring system, etc., real-time monitoring, one key setting, fully automatic system, low labor intensity, only 2-3 people can be required.

Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. produces industrial microwave ovens with good quality and guarantee, which is a famous brand in China; warmly welcomes users from all walks of life to call for a consultation, on-site inspection, visit, and negotiation; we will wholeheartedly provide you with quality services.

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