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Industrial Popcorn Machine

Industrial Popcorn Machine is from the configuration of raw materials, pressure puffing, forming, cutting, spraying, seasoning to finished products, and the degree of automation is high. 
Industrial Popcorn  production line has many optional models, flexible equipment configuration, wide range of raw materials, many types of products, and simple operation. 
Instant Noodle Machine consist of Industrial Popcorn Popper Making Machines (IPM-2019) and Automatic Large Popcorn Making Machine (ALPM-1) ...

1.Fully automatic ---- one button simple operation
2. Planet stirring way ----  popcorn can be candy coated evenly 
3. Special heating system ---- reach the goal temperature in short time 
4. Gas heating way ---- energy saving 
5. Hydraulic thrust to flip the stirring arm ---- avoiding dismantling blender
6. Offer popcorn processing technology


Model IPM2018 IPM2019 IPM2020
Output 150kg/hr 250kg/hr 500kg/hr
Installed power 80kw 100kw 150kw
Dimension(L×W×H) 15×2×3 m 22×2×3 m 28×3×3.5 m
Automatic Large Popcorn Making Machine
Automatic Large Popcorn Making Machine
Industrial Popcorn Popper Making Machines
Industrial Popcorn Popper Making Machines
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