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Corn Puff Snacks Production Line

Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. 's corn puffed snacks production line is simple to operate, easy to learn and understand, and is an ideal choice for manufacturers engaged in puffed snacks. Different types and shapes of puffed snacks can be produced according to the other raw materials and molds. Puffed food refers to a kind of food with a loose texture and crisp taste made by puffing extrusion technology with grains, potatoes, beans, fruits, and vegetables, or nuts as the primary raw materials. Starch absorbs water when heated and uses physical action to make the starch fluffy and extrude the product.


For the processing technology of puffed food, in addition to the standard frying methods, there are many other different types of processing methods, such as direct extrusion, baking, and microwave. Most puffed foods on the market are processed and produced by Kurkure production lines. This is to meet the needs of the market, specially designed and developed equipment for the production of puffed and extruded food.


The corn puffed snack production line is a food processing equipment developed, developed, and produced by Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. on the basis of absorbing foreign technology. Its technical performance and quality indicators have reached the level of similar international equipment. The production line from batching, extrusion, baking, spraying to the finished product can be completed at one time.


The corn puffed snack production line is another type of small food production line after the puffed food production line. It uses corn starch and potato starch as the main raw materials and uses the extrusion molding process to achieve the sensory effect of the product shape. The product shape is natural and realistic, and the texture is delicate. The taste is loose, not cracked or scattered. The production line has a good design, strong stability, and a high degree of automation. The host adopts frequency conversion speed regulation technology to ensure the stable quality of processed products. It is a combination of traditional technology and modern technology. The products include spirals, potato chips, shrimp cracks, shells, round tubes, Dozens of kinds of snails, circles, waves, foams, etc., are available.


Process flow of corn puffed snack production line

Mixer → screw conveyor → screw extruder → shaping machine → elevator → oven → seasoning line → packaging machine


Puffed snacks are usually mixed with a small amount of water into the starchy raw materials, and the raw materials are continuously pressurized and heated with an extruder to expand the raw materials quickly and then appropriately cut and seasoned as needed.


The seasoning method of puffed snacks is generally to spray seasoned vegetable oil, spray vegetable oil, sprinkle with seasoning liquid, and then dry. There are also puffed snacks, which are first dipped in vegetable oil, and then sprinkled directly with seasonings.


However, the puffed snacks made by the above-mentioned various seasoning methods have disadvantages such as not being crisp enough, sticking to the teeth, and falling off the seasoning.


In the production process, puffed snacks sprayed with vegetable oil can be immersed in the bran and dried into a crispy finished product to solve the above shortcomings. Because the condiment penetrates the food, puffing the snack. It has an excellent chewing taste, good flavor, luster, uniform color, and a beautiful appearance.


More explanation of corn puffed snack production line

Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating science, industry, and trade. It is committed to puffed snack food equipment, tissue protein equipment, pasta/macaroni equipment, corn flakes production line, pet food equipment, experimental extrusion Development, research, production and sales of machines, etc.


The twin-screw extruder has two pairs of screws that mesh with each other and rotate in the same direction, which together play the role of conveying frictional extrusion, and heating, relying on the principle of positive displacement to input materials for forced giving, and seldom form pressure Reflux, to better solve this problem on the single-screw extruder, and powerfully convey. The extruder integrates multiple functions such as compression, mixing, kneading, shearing, melting, sterilization, expansion, and molding and can be completed in a very short time. The change of the mold can change the shape and size of the product. The twin-screw extruder can produce a wide variety of foods on the production line and can produce snack foods, breakfast cereals, sandwich puffed foods, and countless puffed foods can be developed.

Puffed food is a kind of snack food developed internationally in recent years. It uses grains, beans, potatoes, vegetables, etc., as raw materials, processed by puffing equipment, to produce a wide variety of foods with exquisite appearance, rich nutrition, crisp and delicious. Therefore, a large category of food is uniquely formed. Due to the simple structure of the equipment for producing this puffed food, easy operation, low equipment investment, and fast income, it develops very rapidly and is very vital.


Buying guide for corn puffed snack production line

The demand for puffed snacks continues to increase, and the market prospects are still good. If you want to develop a puffed snacks production business, please get in touch with us, hoping to be your friendly partner.


1. Are puffed foods healthy?

In the eyes of most people, puffed food is unhealthy junk food. They think it is the representative food of high oil and high salt. Puffing is just a food processing method. Sugar, salt, and additives generally do not cause any harm to the body. On the contrary, they provide some nutrients.


So, is puffed food good for us? Healthy puffed food does have certain benefits. For example, for people with poor gastrointestinal function, the puffing method can quickly gelatinize the starch in the grain, improve the hydration rate of protein and carbohydrates, and increase a large amount of water solubility. The substance helps digestion.


Although puffed snacks are delicious, there are still some aspects to pay attention to when eating. You can occasionally use puffed food as a snack. Do not eat a lot, and do not eat before meals or before going to bed. Otherwise, it will quickly lead to obesity or other things. In terms of the problem, especially eating puffed food at night, high-fat food stays in the stomach for a long time, affecting digestive function and night sleep.


2. Production principle of corn puffed snack production line:

When the material is put into the extruder, as the heating and pressure progress, the moisture in the material is in an overheated state, and the material itself becomes soft. When a specific high pressure is reached and the extruder cover is opened, the high pressure quickly returns to normal. At this time, the overheated water in the grain instantly evaporates and explodes violently, and the water molecules can expand about two thousand times.


The vast expansion pressure destroys the external shape of the material and destroys the internal molecular structure of the grain. The insoluble long-chain starch is cut into water-soluble short-chain starch, dextrin, and sugar, thereby puffing the insoluble matter. Substances in food. Decrease, and water-soluble substances increase.

Although puffing technology is a physical processing technology, it also has its own characteristics. Puffing can not only change the shape and state of raw materials but also change the molecular structure and properties of raw materials to form some new substances.


3. Features of corn puffed snack production line:

1. The design is reasonable, the structure is compact, and the operation is effortless.

2. The operation is highly automated. Only one or two people can complete the processing process, saving manpower.

3. Stable performance and reliable quality. It is carefully researched and developed by a professional team to meet the needs of food processing.

4. Low cost, high efficiency, low energy consumption to ensure the whole process from feed to finished product.

5. The machine's output can be changed by configuring more extruders on one production line to meet higher output requirements.

6. All machines are made of stainless steel, and the screws are made of alloy steel, with a modular system structure and self-cleaning function.


4. How to choose puffed snacks

1. When purchasing, you need to see whether there is a "QS" production license mark. Be sure to choose a product with a full and detailed mark, especially the product's production date and shelf life, so that such a product is qualified. It is best to buy recently produced food.

2. Check the ingredient list and the nutrition label in the ingredient list. Usually, nutrition labels are marked with a 1+4 sign: energy plus four core nutrients-protein, fat, sodium, and carbohydrates. Consumers should read the nutrition label carefully, calculate how much nutrition they need every day, and then decide the type and quantity of food to buy.

3. Products with good airtightness and full bags should be selected. Puffed food is generally packed in bags, and gas is often filled during the packaging process to prevent the product from being damp and be crushed during storage, transportation, and sales. If you can smell the smell, the product without the musty odor or other peculiar smell is generally a qualified product.

4. When choosing a product, look at the brand of the product. Generally speaking, the quality of well-known brands is guaranteed. In the special production process of puffed food, if the sanitary standards are not strictly controlled, microorganisms such as coliforms and a total number of colonies are very likely to exceed the standards. Therefore, it is best to choose a reputable brand when buying.


5. Advantages of corn puffed snack production line

1. Wide application range of raw materials

2. Flexible collocation

3. Various snacks

4. Simple operation.

5. High degree of automation.


6. What is the material of the corn puffed snack production line?

The entire production line is made of food-grade stainless steel. The food-grade stainless steel and conveyor belts selected by our technicians are all food-grade materials. Our accessories are also well-known domestic brands.


7. How does the corn puffed snack production line make snacks?

The first step for manufacturers of puffed snack food machinery is to extrude the grain mixture. According to the formula of the final product, the weight-controlled flour, ingredients, and water are introduced into the batch mixer. The combination is continuously and uniformly fed into the extruder and cooked at an appropriate level. Using a conical screw, the extruder forces the mixture against the inside of the extrusion chamber, creating a shearing effect when the pressure increases. Steam jackets are arranged in the squeeze chamber to help cook the meal mixture. When the food material reaches the mold, it is hot, elastic, and viscous. Moisture is a liquid under high pressure but turns into steam when the other side of the extrusion process reaches a lower pressure. The result is that the powder material expands and swells as it passes through the mold.


Some other puffed snacks are shaped. After squeezing, the cooked dough is cut to 45° or 90°. The snack machinery manufacturer uses an innovative and specially designed flexible cutting system, which is very suitable for slicing and squeezing bread snacks. The cut product is transferred to a belt dryer with controlled temperature and humidity to achieve the target moisture content and crispness. Then season the dry bread snacks.


8. The main equipment functions of the corn puffed snack production line

1. Flour mixer: mix raw materials.

2. Screw conveyor: transfer the mixed raw materials from the mixer to the twin-screw extruder

3. Twin-screw extruder: The advancement of extruder die and tool design also provides processors with a new set of templates to create innovative shapes. Sandwiched snacks can be produced on the same production equipment as directly puffed snacks using co-extrusion add-on kits.

4Shape cutting machine: The shape cutting machine is auxiliary equipment located at the output end of the extruder. It cuts the product after it passes through the mold. After cutting, the pelletizer can also ensure that the product is delivered to the downstream equipment on the extrusion line.

Food manufacturers in many countries use twin-screw extrusion systems to produce snacks of different shapes, such as bread snacks because they provide end-to-end production on one line, which has processing advantages compared to traditional baking and toast batch processing:

Significantly reduced processing time and higher productivity

Use unique flexible cutting system, easy conversion, and cutting changes

Flexible processing of various bread snacks and bread slices for soups and salads

Strengthen processing, reduce energy and water consumption, and promote sustainable development

Process control to produce high-quality products with consistent characteristics and flavors

Variable output, customized design production from 180 kg/h to 700 kg/h

5. Core filling machine: Sandwich snacks can be produced using the same equipment as directly puffed snacks using co-extrusion add-on kits.

6. Oven: baked and cooked.

7 Continuous dryer: The continuous belt dryer is designed for continuous drying of extruded and expanded products.

8. Corn flakes packaging: Pack corn snacks in bags.


9. The development prospects of puffed snacks

Puffed food is made of grains, potatoes, beans, etc., as the primary raw materials, using puffing techniques such as baking, frying, microwave or extrusion, etc., to make a kind of crispy texture and vivid fragrance with a certain degree of puffing. , Snacks of different styles.

Such as snow rice crackers, potato chips, shrimp crackers, shrimp crackers, popcorn, rice crackers, etc.


Snacks are foods that people eat during their leisure and rest. The most appropriate explanation is fun foods. The main categories are roasted nuts, biscuits, pastries, date products, candy and cheese, dried beans, preserves, dried fruits, Puffed foods, candy, tamarind cakes, fish series, meat foods, tea brewing, etc. With the improvement of living standards, casual snacks have always been popular foods by the people. Simple snacks are gradually being upgraded to become the daily necessities of the people. With the development of the economy and the improvement of consumption levels, consumers' demand for the quantity and quality of casual snacks continues to grow.


10. What if a novice can't operate the machine?

We will let our technicians teach you how to use it hand-in-hand. During the epidemic, we will also show you intuitively by recording videos with explanations and operating videos, as small as how each button is performed, as large as the whole The functions and functions of each corn puffed snack production line in the article will be explained to you one by one from beginning to end.


11. How to make corn flakes easily?

The corn puffed snack production line adopts PLC operating system and advanced mechanical structure to realize fully automated production-continuous feeding, automatic flattening, automatic cutting, and cross-cutting. Compared with traditional hand-made methods, it reduces a lot of production costs and improves production efficiency.

By changing the raw material formula, the corn puffed snack production line can produce many different products. The shape of the corn flakes can be round, square, semi-circular, and triangular.


12. Maintenance work of corn puffed snack production line

1. Troubleshooting: If the equipment fails, it must be solved immediately. The equipment must be shut down first to ensure the safety of the workers on the production line. In fact, many minor faults are caused by time accumulation, and all problems should be solved immediately.

2. Dust cleaning: As we all know, the factory's corn puffed snack production line has always been continuous work, so the corn puffed snack production line that has been used for a long time will leave a lot of dust. If the dust is not cleaned up in time and continues to work, in addition to food safety, this will also affect the operation of the entire equipment. There are also big problems with the heat dissipation of the motor. Dust blocks the heat dissipation holes and allows the motor to continue processing at high temperatures, which has a severe impact on the service life of the motor. It is critical to carry out necessary maintenance work. Remove all the dust on the outer layer of the device and let the motor. Even if the operating temperature is released, continuous processing will not affect the engine.

3. Accessories lubrication: The internal components of the equipment play an essential role in the performance of the whole machine, but under continuous processing, the wear effect of the accessories is intensified, and necessary lubrication is needed. It can not only alleviate the degree of wear of the accessories but also play a specific protective role. , Extend the service life of the equipment.


13. Services of Shandong Loyal Industrial Co., Ltd.


We provide you with a suitable solution, which is useful and convenient.

We produce the products you need in the factory, and you can buy them without hesitation.

We provide you with factory design and processing line layout and the design of water, electricity, gas, etc.

We have an experienced technical team that can meet customers' individual needs and produces customized machines for you.

Consulting services before, during, and after-sale.

Project planning and design service of corn Doritos potato chip machine.

Debug the equipment until everything is normal.

Long-distance transportation of management equipment from the seller's factory to the buyer's designated location.

Train equipment maintenance and operation personnel.

New production technology and formula.

Provide a one-year complete warranty and lifetime maintenance service.


14. Why choose Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. 's corn puffed snack production line

We are a professional food machinery manufacturer. We have been manufacturing corn puffed snacks production lines for nearly 20 years.


In addition to the puffed snack processing line, we also produce production lines for fried food, pet feed, modified starch, etc. Each of our production lines has a variety of molds, which can be adapted to produce a variety of foods. We are not satisfied with the status quo but constantly upgrade and innovate our products to adapt our production plans and designs to the changing needs of the times and keep up with the pace of progress. Never be satisfied. Pursue excellence!

The company took the lead in passing the ISO9000 quality system certification, and the products passed the CE certification.


Our company has a solid technical force, rich experience in product manufacturing, and a group of professional R&D personnel. It is a technological and industrial manufacturer integrating design, production, and sales. Our company has won the trust and praise of customers at home and abroad with a high degree of professionalism, advanced design concepts, reliable product quality, and a perfect after-sales service system. The company will provide new and old customers with more practical and intelligent products with a "professional design attitude and meticulous manufacturing concept."

Thank you for your trust and support!

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