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Dog Food Manufacturing Equipment

Dog food manufacturing equipment can produce all kinds of dog treat biscuit ,pet uses twin-screw extruder,mainly uses meat powder, fish power, bone power, corn powder, soya powder as mainly material.The whole work flow can be controlled exactly by parameter. Different raw material and nutrient elements can be added together according to advanced formula,through the high temperature heating and high pressure from twin screw extruder to form the final pet food pellet,so the  final product has high maturation and easy for pet to digestion and adsorption


Application Of Dog Food Manufacturing Equipment-- Loyal Industrial

Due to the high flexibility of dog food equipment,Dog food manufacturing equipment was be widely used in feed pellet production ,such as  dog treat biscuit, dog food, cat food, fish food, shrimp food  fox feed, bird  feed and so on. The finished feed size and shape and color all can be changed by adjusting the formula and molds.


Advantage Of Dog Food Manufacturing Equipment--- Loyal Industrial

1.Strong material.
All  dog food manufacturing equipment are made of food grade stainless steel.
2.Fully automatic.
The dog food manufacturing equipment whole line fully continuous and automatic.
3.Various kinds molds.
Provide differernt size mould free of charge.
4.Widely usage.
Can make dog, anther animal feed.
Safe and reliable operation.
6. Formula
Provide formula,loyal industrial provide basic pet food formula 
7. Full set configuration
Dog food packing machine can be offered according to customer packing style.

Dog Treat Biscuit Making Machine
Dog Treat Biscuit Making Machine
dog treat making Manufacturing Plant, Automatic dog biscuit making Factory
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Pet Food Production Line
Pet Food Production Line
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