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Doritos chips making machine

Small Scale Dorito Manufacturing Equipment
Small Scale Dorito Manufacturing Equipment
Shandong China
Fully Automatic Doritos Chips Making Machine
Fully Automatic Doritos Chips Making Machine
Shandong China
Fully automatic corn chips production line
Fully automatic corn chips production line
Shandong China
Automatic dorito processing Line
Automatic dorito processing Line
Shandong China
Tortilla Chips Production Line
Tortilla Chips Production Line
Shandong, China
Doritos Chips Production Line
Doritos Chips Production Line
Shandong, China

As a doritos making machine manufacturer in china.
loyal can handle technical advice on manufacturing processes, maintenance, fault diagnosis and troubleshooting of twin screw extruded corn doritos tortilla fried snacks puffed processing line.

The demand for Doritos continues to increase, and the market prospects are still good. If you want to develop a Doritos production business, please contact us, hoping to become your friendly partner.

1. What is the material of Doritos production line?

The entire production line is made of food-grade stainless steel. The food-grade stainless steel and conveyor belts selected by our technicians are all food-grade materials. Our accessories are also well-known domestic brands.


2. What are the components of the Doritos production line?

Mixing machine, twin screw machine, forming machine, cooling machine, fryer/baking machine, condiment production line. The packaging machine can be purchased or not. If you want to sell Doritos in bulk, you can skip the packaging machine.


3. What is the function of each machine in the Doritos production line?

1. Blender: Mix cornflour with water to prepare flour for Doritos.

2. Double screw machine: Compression and friction generate a lot of heat, and the rotating mold twists and rolls the flour before extrusion to form an irregular shape.

3. Setting machine: According to the mold, different shapes of Doritos are formed.

4. Cooler: used to cool and remove moisture

5. Fryer/baking machine: Reheat and continue to fry or bake evenly to obtain a crispy texture and taste.

6. Seasoning line: Add the required seasonings to make it have different flavors.


4. Reasons why Doritos is popular

The first is the intoxicating flavor. The red powder on Doritos contains a lot of salt and sugar-your brain favorite, plus disodium inosinate (MSG), disodium guanylate (Mushroom MSG), and other flavor enhancers Are the elements that make you eat delicious, not to mention the flavor that you will lick three times on any food such as garlic and cheese.


There are also some buttermilk solids, lactic acid, and citric acid substances in these powders. You may not be able to eat them, but they can induce a steady stream of saliva and make you think you want to eat it (actually, you are greedy).


And its characteristic of looking up a large slice, throwing it in your mouth, and chewing it twice, is also tempting your hand to reach for more corn flakes. Steven calls this feature "High Dynamic Contrast" (High Dynamic Contrast)


Swallowing a hard substance that can quickly dissolve can stimulate your brain while reducing calorie density, allowing you to eat more.


5. How to reduce the occurrence of Doritos production line failures?

The first point is to do an excellent job of maintenance, regularly clean up the dust and add lubricating oil to the machines in the production line. The second point is to check on time whether the machine is malfunctioning or there are hidden dangers. The third point is that if there is any problem, you must contact the technical staff to solve the problem in time, and you can't leave it alone. Otherwise, it will cause more significant failure.


6. Features of Doritos production line

1. This process can make any raw materials

2. Control the flow and temperature in the cylinder to make the particle size regular.

3. Easy to change the formula and the shape of new products

4. Temperature adjustment control of each module

5. Significantly reduce space requirements

6. Doritos with output ranging from 80 to 1000 kg/hour


7. What snacks can the Doritos production line do?

The Doritos potato chip processing machine can produce a variety of granular potato chip snack foods, such as screws, shells, potato chips, tortillas, etc. According to the unique needs of customers for final snack products, we can provide Different configuration lines. The most significant advantage of corn flakes is their lovely shape and crispy taste.


No matter how many puffed snacks with new shapes, new flavors, and new gimmicks appear on the market, they cannot replace Doritos' exclusive status. The wonderful thing about it is that it will not become everyone's favorite, but it is definitely an irreplaceable existence.


8. How to get a potato chip cutter from Doritos

The potato chip cutting system works together with the twin-screw extruder. Known from American technology, tortillas, and other potato chips are made from single-screw or twin-screw extruders. When the extruder extrudes the corn flakes, the cornflake cutter pulls and compresses the corn flakes. There is a large roller cutter on this system, and the cutter can cut many different shapes. Our system is more cost-effective than traditional corn tortilla flakes systems and allows complete control over the product's texture.


9. How to clean Doritos production line

1. Before preparing for cleaning, check whether the power supply is cut off to ensure the personal safety of the cleaning personnel.

2. Pay attention to the details and the cleaning of the corners when cleaning. Thorough cleaning can ensure food safety.

3. Pay attention to avoid damaging the machine when cleaning to extend the service life of the biscuit production line and ensure the safety of the machine.

The above three points are the three safety issues that need attention when cleaning the biscuit production line: personal safety, food safety, and machine safety. Only by starting with the details can we produce better products.


10. What is the price of the Doritos production line?

We receive orders for more than 80 Doritos production lines every month. For this reason, we can purchase materials and produce nutrition bar production lines in large quantities, and then we save production costs for our customers, so we have a very competitive market in market. The price of.


We provide good prices to support each customer to start a good business. You can research and discover that our prices are the best in the same market.


11. The origin of Doritos

Lidos is a snack brand under PepsiCo. "Doritos" was launched nationwide in 1966, the first tortilla chips launched in the United States. Doritos is sold in many countries and has various flavors worldwide. The country launched the cheese Doritos in 1967, which proved to be successful. Still, more market research shows that many consumers think that the southwest and west outside the potato chips are too flat and not spicy enough to be regarded as a Mexican snack. Filoli developed Taco Vedoritos and was introduced to the country in 1968, which was a huge success. Four years later, the nationwide distribution of Nacho cheese-flavored Doritos was also the start of the hit. It was a short run in the late 1970s. Yogurt and onion-flavored potato chips were discontinued in the early 1980s. Cool Ranch/Cool Primitive (called a time cooler ranch) was released in 1986.


12. Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. 's service for Doritos production line

First of all, we are factory direct sales, our machines are all ex-factory prices, and secondly, all of our machines are made of food-grade stainless steel, which meets food safety standards. The final price-performance ratio is what we have been pursuing. We can also provide you with the layout of the production line according to your requirements. Our operation manual will also be provided to you at the time of delivery, and our technical staff can provide you with professional advice on marketing, materials, packaging, etc. We will assist you in debugging the equipment for free until the equipment can operate normally. Our sales staff can also help you solve any technical problems 24 hours a day.



We provide you with a suitable solution, which is useful and convenient.

We produce the products you need in the factory, and you can buy them without hesitation.

We provide you with factory design and processing line layout, as well as the design of water, electricity, gas, etc.


We have an experienced technical team that can meet the individual needs of customers and produces customized machines for you.


Consulting services before, during, and after-sale.

Project planning and design service of corn Doritos potato chip machine.

Debug the equipment until everything is normal.

Long-distance transportation of management equipment from the seller's factory to the buyer's designated location.

Train equipment maintenance and operation personnel.

New production technology and formula.

Provide a 1-year complete warranty and lifetime maintenance service.


13. Machine material of Doritos production line

All machines are made of food-grade stainless steel, and the conveyor elevator is also made of food-grade PVC. The entire production line is made of safe and harmless materials carefully selected by our technical purchasers. The internal accessories are all well-known domestic brands with high quality.


14. What if a novice can't operate the machine?

We will let our technicians teach you how to use it hand-in-hand. During the epidemic, we will also intuitively show you how to operate each button through recording videos and videos with explanations and operations. The functions and functions of each Doritos production line in this article will be explained to you one by one from beginning to end.


15. How much is the Doritos production line

The Doritos production line is an automatic production line controlled by PLC, which can produce popcorn of different sizes and different flavors. The price of the Doritos production line varies according to an additional output. The small-volume Doritos production line is about 10,000 US dollars, and the large-volume popcorn machine is about 100,000 US dollars.


16. Which heating methods can be selected for the Doritos production line?

The Doritos production line has four heating methods for you to choose from electricity, gas, steam, and diesel. You can choose the heating method according to the actual local conditions. Most of them will select electric heating because electric heating is relatively simple and the price is lower than the other three heating methods; however if we do not recommend electric heating in areas with insufficient electricity, because if we choose electric heating, the machine may not function properly due to inadequate electricity. To work, if you have to choose electric heating, you must be equipped with a generator with enough electric energy. There are many choices of steam and gas, and diesel heating is rarely chosen.


17. How to prevent frequent failure of Doritos production line

Cleaning and maintenance:

For the long-term use of soft candy machinery, if the remaining food scraps are not cleaned up in time, it will cause a food safety impact and have a particular impact on the equipment. In all large-scale factories, equipment cleaning and maintenance are a must. Cleaning food equipment in time will reduce failure problems, extend the service life of production line equipment, and bring you higher benefits.


Of course, some incorrect operations will have a serious impact on the equipment or bury a serious safety accident risk. Frequent cleaning to reduce failures is, of course, important, but the necessary training must be carried out for the staff to make them familiar with the equipment operation to make correct operations and reduce the occurrence of failures.


18. Maintenance work of Doritos production line

1. Troubleshooting: If the equipment fails, it must be solved immediately. The equipment must be shut down first to ensure the safety of the workers on the production line. In fact, many small faults are caused by the accumulation of time, and all problems should be solved immediately.

2. Dust cleaning: As we all know, the candy production equipment in the factory has always been continuous work, so the Doritos production equipment used for a long time will definitely leave a lot of dust. If the dust is not cleaned up in time and continues to work, it will not only have a particular impact on food safety. , It will also affect the operation of the entire equipment. There are also significant problems with the heat dissipation of the motor. Dust blocks the heat dissipation holes and allows the engine to continue processing at high temperatures, which has a serious impact on the service life of the motor. It is critical to carry out necessary maintenance work. Remove all the dust on the outer layer of the device and let the motor. Even if the operating temperature is released, continuous processing will not affect the engine.


3. Accessories lubrication: The internal components of the equipment play an important role in the performance of the whole machine, but under continuous processing, the wear effect of the accessories is intensified, and necessary lubrication is needed. It can alleviate the degree of wear of the accessories and play a certain protective role. , Extend the service life of the equipment.


19. What are the limitations of the Doritos production line?

The first point is that you may not understand how to start the production of Doritos when you are just engaged in the production of Doritos.

The second point is that the financial issue is also a problem to be considered. Our customers also have loans to purchase equipment. We generally pay a deposit for the production of the machine first and then collect the final payment for your shipment after the machine is completed.

The third point is that we do not include transportation costs. If you need to book your own ship, you must contact us in advance to confirm the relevant ship receiving address and time.


20. Why choose Shangdong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. Doritos production line

We are a professional food machinery manufacturer. We have been manufacturing Doritos production lines for nearly 20 years.


Choosing our Doritos production line, we not only provide you with high-quality machines but also provide you with installation and commissioning as well as our secret formula and related production processes. We will also solve the problem of the layout of the workshop for you. We have our professional team and can tailor a reasonable solution for you.

In addition to the Doritos snack processing line, we also produce production lines for fried food, pet feed, modified starch, etc. Each of our product lines has a variety of molds, which can be adapted to produce various foods. We are not satisfied with the status quo but constantly upgrade and innovate our products to adapt our production plans and designs to the changing needs of the times and keep up with the pace of progress. Never be satisfied. Pursue excellence! 


Cost Of Doritos Tortilla Corn Chips Making Machine

 Loyal has more than 15years highly advanced manufacturing full automatic snacks tortilla doritos corn chips making extruder machinery for production line plants experience. Where we convert things like corn and potatoes into delicious snacks for customers in the world.
our doritos making machine is summed up by a number of snacks tortilla doritos corn chips technical engineers who have more than ten years of experience. Loyal automatic snacks tortilla doritos production line has a number of snack food technology patents, which can provide you with the most detailed doritos tortilla chips, nacho cheese formula and process documents.

Cost Of Doritos Tortilla Corn Chips Making Machine

Doritos Making Machine


Min Price ($)

Max Price


1 Set



Screw Conveyor

1 Set



Ly 65 Double Screw Extruder

1 Set



Roller Cutting Machine

1 Set




1 Set



Separating And Cooling Rotary Drum

1 Set



Vibrate Feeder

1 Set



Fryer Machine

1 Set



Vibrate De-Oiling Machine

1 Set



Food Grade Pvc Hoister

1 Set



Rolling Flavoring Machine

1 Set

Seasoning Podwer Machine

1 Set

Cooling Conveyor

1 Set



Automatic Nacho Doritos Chips Making Machine And Doritos Chips Process Line With Different Output In 2021

What Is The Production Process Of Doritos?

Production Flow of fried doritos bugles chips production line

Mixer--Twin-screw machine--Forming machine--Cooling machine--Fryer/baking machine--Condiment production line

Doritos is a snack made from corn flour, extruded, cut, fried, or baked. The primary raw materials are corn flour, water, vegetable oil, and salt. Although it is usually made from yellow corn, it can also be made from white corn, red corn, or wheat flour. After frying and baking, we get very crispy triangular or other shaped potato chips, which are popular with children and adults.
The Doritos Chips Making Machine Adopts Two-stage Transmission, Which Is Easy To Operate.
The Bugle Chips Making Machine Corn Doritos Chips Production Line Can Use Corn Flour, Corn Starch, Potato Starch, Tapioca Starch, Wheat Flour And Other High Starch Raw Materials As The Main Raw Materials (it Is Easy To Find Anyway), Which Can Be Extruded And Compounded Into Triangles, Circles, Squares, And Other Shapes.
After The Doritos Tortilla Chips Product Is Fried And Seasoned, The Final Doritos Will Be As Crispy And Delicious As Doritos And Tortillas On The Market.
The Industrial Doritos Making Machine Tortilla Chips Production Line Is Continuously Fed, And Consists Of Automatic Flattening, Automatic Cross-cutting, And Automatic Longitudinal Cutting; Automatic Leveling, With Moderate Leveling Density And Uniform Thickness; Frequency Conversion Adjustment, Accurate Cutting Size, And Good Molding Squareness.
The Doritos Making Machine Is Continuously Produced Without Manual Connection, Which Realizes The Truly Automatic And Intelligent Operation Of The Doritos Production Line.

Fully Automatic Nacho/Tortilla/Doritos Production Line

Offer Machine To Make Corn Tortillas,With Double -Screw Tortilla Chips Making Food Processing Technology,Much Stable And Easy Operation

Line Of Doritos Making Machine

Equipment Technical Parameter

Flour Mixer


Input Voltage:380v/50hz

Installed Capacity:4kw

Power Consumption:4kw


Size:1.3 X 1.0 X 1.2m

Functions:Mixer Makes The Raw Material Adding To Water And Other Chemical Additive Fully Mixed

Features: 1. This Part That Contacts Mixer To Material Adopts The Stainless Steel Material.

2. The Discharge Hole Adopts The New Handle-Opened Design, Good Seal And Avoids Leaking The Material.

Screw Conveyor


Input Voltage380v/50hz

Installed Capacity1.1kw

Power Consumption1.1kw



Function:Screw Conveyor Can Not Only Convey On The Level But Also By Any Angel These Materials Can Be Conveyed In The Stainless Steel Roller Without Leaking, Dust Pollution; Meanwhile It Can Send The Self-Mixer To The Feeding Machine Or The Conditioner And Directly Send The Discharge Hole Of The Inflating Extruder.

Ly65 Twin-Screws Extruder

Model: Ly65


Main Motor:22kw

Heating Power:10kw

Feed Motor:0.75kw Frequency

Cutting Motor:0.75kw Frequency

Oil Pump: 0.37kw Frequency

Screws Material:38crmoal/38

Screw Diameter:65mm

Screw Length:1050mm

Barrel Material:45#Customize Steel

Roller Cutting Machine


(Two Motor Driver)

Capacity: 100-120 Kg/H

Dimension: 1500x1050x1660 Mm

Weight: 500kg

Function:Cutting Chips Shap



Capacity:As Per The Extruder

Dimension: 2000x700x1900 Mm

Separating And Cooling Rotary Drum



Capacity: 150 -300kg/H

Dimension: 2000x1400x2000 Mm


Vibrate Feeder

Power :0.24kw*2

Dimension: 1100x650x800mm

Function:- Conveying Snacks To

Next Machine

Vibrate De-Oiling Machine

1. Use In: Remove Excess Oil Of Pellet

2. Material Quality: Food Contacting Parts Stainless Steel

3. Continuous Working

Power: 0.2 Kw*2=0.4 Kw2 Vibrate Motor

Dimension: 1950*850*900 Mm

Food Grade Pvc Hoister

Usage:Deliver The Snack To Next Device.

Working Together With The Flavoring Drum.

Food Grade Pvc,Stainless Steel.

Hoister Power:0.37kw


Rolling Flavoring Machine

Model :Dc-Ii






Function: Spray Seasoning Oil And Powder Onto The Snacks So As To Make The Snacks Tasteful.

Cooling Conveyor

Model: Lyc

Driving: 0.75kw,


4 Sets Blowers

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