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Automatic Packaging Machine

The automatic packaging machine can automatically produce from feeding, bagging, sealing and coding experiments, reducing manpower and increasing work efficiency. It can be designed and configured for customers according to the packaging materials, the size and net weight of the packaging bag, Provide customers with multiple sets of packaging solutions.
Can provide packaging materials, design, printing.


Application of automatic packing machine

Packing machine have a widely usage on food processing application.



Expanded Food

French Fries Packing Machine , Crispy Rice Packing Machine, Pancakes Packing Machine,Doritos Packing Machine,Kukure packing machine.

Biscuit Snack

Bisuit Packing Machine,Cake Packing Machine ,Bread Packing Machine,Moon Cake Packing Machine ,Fruit Pie Packing Machine,Cookies Packing Machine,Energy Bar Packing Machine


Instant Noodle Packing Machine,Fresh noodles packing machine,noodles packing machine.


Candy Packing Machine,Chcolate Packing Machine


Melon Seeds Packing Machine, Peanuts Packing Machine

Powder Food

Nutriton Powe Packing Machine


Feature automatic packing machine
1.Fully sutomatic.including bag making,  measuring,fillingJnflating,counting,sealing,code printing,material giving,stopping in certain quanting,fixed-bag cutting and same cutting.
2. Controlled by microcomputer,
3.Made of stainless steel,food QS and medicine GMP health requirements.
Mechanical, high efficiency, stable performance, easy operation, convenient maintenance, etc.

Automatic Powder Packaging Machine
Automatic Powder Packaging Machine
High Speed Pillow Packing Machine
High Speed Pillow Packing Machine
Vertical Back Seal Automatic Packaging Machine
Vertical Back Seal Automatic Packaging Machine
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