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What Is The Overall Composition Of The Core Filling Snack Production Line?


The core filling snack making machine adopts advanced puffing and extrusion technology. By changing the mold and changing the production process. Make it easier for operators. It can better produce various kinds of snacks such as wheat siu, rice crackers and rice crackers that are popular in the market to meet market demand. The core filling snack extruder machine has a small footprint, flexible configuration, easy operation and strong adaptability. Well received by the industry.

automatic core filling snack making machine


The core filling snack making equipment produced by Shandong Loyal is composed of powder mixer, screw conveyor, twin screw extruder, sandwich machine, shaping machine, elevator, electric oven, and automatic seasoning machine. Among them, the powder mixer is generally used to mix and prepare various powders. And it can also be used for the preparation of raw materials. Shorten the manual mixing time, save time and effort.

core filling snack making machine


Screw conveyor is used to transport raw materials. Our company's screw conveyors are stable, cold and heat resistant, and have a long service life. Twin-screw extruders are widely used and have high precision. The products produced are of high quality, simple equipment operation and reliable performance.

The automatic core filling snack making procession line is mainly used to fill the product with compound sandwiches such as chocolate. Make the product more unique in taste. It is more adaptable to popular tastes. The shaping machine is mainly to shape the product. According to the market demand, the products are shaped to adapt to the market shape and size. The performance of the hoist and the screw conveyor are basically the same, and they are both used to convey products.

industrial core filling snack making machine


The sandwich-shaped products are conveyed to the electric oven through the elevator, and the products are cured. Has reached the effect of being edible. Finally, seasoning is carried out through a double drum seasoning machine or a single drum seasoning machine. This industrial core filling snack making machine is equipped with automatic dusting function, adjustable inclination, convenient operation, high output, safety and sanitation, adjustable mixing time, uniform mixing, and automatic discharge. It can season and mix different shapes of food.

core filling snack making machine

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