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What Is The Packaging Process Of Biscuits

What Is The Packaging Process Of Biscuits

     First, put round biscuits of the same size in the slot. It is recommended not to place more than 50 biscuits at the same time. Because of the limited height, it is recommended to place batch by batch and pack batch by batch. After the biscuits are placed, turn on the switch and the packaging machine starts to work. Every second, the bottom biscuits will be pushed out, and then enter the packaging opening in turn. The biscuits will be individually packaged. At this time, what you see is a series of The connected packaging bags, each containing biscuits, move forward neatly like soldiers in the queue.
     Then, the packaged biscuits will reach the cutting incision, and the biscuit packaging machine will cut in the gap of the biscuit packaging bag and cut into a zigzag shape, which can facilitate the operation of tearing the packaging bag by hand, which is both beautiful and practical.
      Finally, at the end position of the packaging machine assembly line, place a basket to collect the packaged biscuits, and the bulk packaged biscuits are completed.

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