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A Brief Introduction To Corn Flakes Breakfast Cereals


Corn flakes breakfast cereal is a kind of crisp food, with a smooth taste and a strong grain flavor. Corn flakes are mainly made of corn flour, mixed with sugar, various vitamins, and minerals. After adding a certain amount of water, they are fully kneaded and matured, and then they can be formed, pressed, baked and seasoned.

Corn flakes breakfast cereal production line as a convenient, fast, nutritious and relatively balanced food is quickly loved by thousands of people. In modern processing, corn flakes extruder is usually used to complete the full kneading, steaming, cooking, and pelletizing of the corn flour mixture after adding water. Corn flakes are rich in nutrients and relatively balanced. They are common cereal breakfast foods and are usually eaten with milk.

The process flow of breakfast cereal processing line:

Batching system---extrusion system---pre-drying system---Pelleting system---baking system---spraying system---drying system---cooling system---packing system

Process composition of breakfast cereal production line:

1. Batching system: Add corn flour or corn dregs to nutrient additives and a certain proportion of water and mix well.

2. Extrusion system: The raw material enters the extrusion system and is extruded and matured by the extruder to produce small spherical crystal particles.

 3. Pre-drying system: Vibration pre-drying of corn crystal pellets to fully compress tablets

 4. Pelleting system: the small spherical particles are compressed into flakes, which are corn flakes.

 5. Spraying system: the corn flakes are fully mixed, spraying sugar, seasoning, coating, etc.

 6. Drying system and cooling system: remove excess water to obtain crispy and delicious corn flakes

 7. Packaging system: package and sell the final product.

Breakfast cereal processing line is european standard, which is fully automated, has simple PLC control operation, low energy consumption and high efficiency.

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