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What Is The Correct Way To Use Puffed Snack Making Machinery?


How should the automatic puffed snack making machine be used correctly in the work to ensure the safety and the service life of the puffed food machinery and equipment? Next, Loyal will explain to you the correct use of puffed food machinery:

puffing snack making machine


1. When the spiral groove is found to be clogged, do not stop it immediately. Stop feeding and run it for a while until it has a burnt smell. This can avoid the sprinkler head and the spiral sleeve from being seized. In case the nozzle and the spiral sleeve cannot be removed due to seizure, don't knock them hard. You can remove them from the body and put them in the fire for a while.

2. At the beginning of work, when the nozzle cannot eject the formed product. It is often caused by the excessive temperature of the nozzle. The reason is that the raw material is too dry, or there is foreign matter in the spiral groove. Or the feed is interrupted. The reason should be found according to different situations. Troubleshoot.

3. After stopping the feeding at the end of the work. Let the industrial puffing making machine run idling for 1 minute. And stop the machine after exhausting all the materials.

automatic puffed making machine


4. Before work, disassemble the machine head, movement, screw and other working parts, carefully clean up the scale and oil on the movement and screw, clean it, dry it, and reinstall it.

5. When in use, first start and run for 1 minute-2 minutes. And then slowly add the raw materials to the feed port. About a handful of raw materials can fill the ring groove of the twin screw shaft head, stop feeding and perform friction preheating. When the temperature of the standby head rises, the pressure in the machine cavity increases. And the nozzles start to spit, feed the material again. Since the temperature and pressure in the machine cavity have not yet reached the normal temperature. The feeding amount should be gradually increased.

puffing snack making machine


6. The feeding should be continuous and even, and the material should be dry, otherwise the spiral groove will be easily blocked.

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