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Do You Know What Is The Daily Maintenance Of The Modified Starch Production Line?


The automatic pregelatinized starch/modified starch making procession line is specially designed to produce diversified modified starches. Such as modified starch and pregelatinized starch. Modified starch is widely used in textile, food processing, oil drilling, papermaking, construction and other industries.

automatic modified starch making procession line


This modified starch making production line is developed on the basis of our company's research and study of foreign advanced technology, and its technical performance and product quality have reached the world's most advanced level. An advanced puffing machine with flexible configuration, wide application of raw materials and convenient operation. Below, I will explain to you some daily tips about the industrial modified starch making machinery:

industrial modified starch making machine


In order to ensure the safety of modified starch. The operators should actively check whether the bolts of each connection part are properly tightened before opening the full automatic modified starch making equipment. If any looseness is found, they should be tightened in time. After each shift is completed. The starch should be cleaned in time Centrifugal screen. And do a good job of lubrication, tightening and anti-corrosion maintenance treatment for related parts.

industrial modified starch making machine


The operator should regularly check whether the electrical connections. Such as the ground connection and the power switch, are kept intact. If the electrical aging or damage occurs. And it must be repaired and replaced in time to avoid damage to the starch centrifugal screen due to electrical problems. Unexpected safety incident. During the trial period, the power box should be kept clean to avoid a large amount of dust invading the power box and causing circuit board failure and short circuit. In addition, other important parts must be cleaned and dusted frequently. And proper amount of lubricating oil must be added to the transmission system regularly.

industrial modified starch making machine

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