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How To Clean An Industrial Deep Fat Fryer?


With the improvement of people's quality of life. At the same time, fried food is becoming more and more common in people's lives. Therefore, industrial deep fat feryer also widely welcome by entrepreneurs. So how to clean industrial deep fat feryer is getting more and more attention.

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Oil must be added to the furnace body before the frying equipment uses to avoid burning the electric heating tube;


The heating tube should be cleaned in time after a period of use. So at least four times a month;


Clean up the residue on the surface of the fryer in time. And the residue should not accumulate too much or too thick to prevent the heat stored in the slag from causing a fire;


In summer, the oil-water mixed industrial deep fat feryer changes the water once a day. And in winter it can change regularly according to the water quality to protect the oil quality;


The heating tube must be immersed in the medium to work;


Regularly check the performance and sensitivity of the photoelectric switch;

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Fryer Cleaning Procedures And Cleaning Steps:    
1. Turn off the heating system and the oil replenishment system.  
2. Cool down, recover oil and prepare caustic soda.   
3. Collect large pieces of dirt and oil residue in the trash can.  
4. Raise the industrial deep fat feryer and insert the bumper.   

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5. Open the mesh belts A and B and use a high-pressure water gun to wash the entire oil pan, mesh belt, scraper bar, gear bracket, smoke exhaust pipe, hood, filter and other dirty places. And then carefully check the above areas to ensure that they clean.   
6. Fill up the fryer with clean water. And then, add caustic soda and heat to 95°C and cook for 45 minutes. After the cooking is finished, drain the sewage.   

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7. Use a high-pressure gun to wash the dirt and caustic soda in the fryer, carefully wash the oil pan, filter, and rinse the inner and outer covers until they are clean.   
8.  Prepare 2-5% concentration of TP, raise the fryer, use the fryer to clean the froth from top to bottom on the inner and outer cover and other parts of the fryer, covering the inner and outer surfaces of the equipment. At the same time, the bubble residence time is 10-15 minutes.   

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9.  Clean with a high-pressure gun. Visually inspect all areas to check whether all parts are clean. And clean again if not.   
10. After cleaning, close the drain valve, stop the mesh belt running. And turn off the main power supply.     

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Fryer Safety Regulations     
1. When raising the fryer, always insert the bumper to prevent the cover from falling down and hurting people.  
2.  Do not touch high temperature parts directly with your hands.  
3.  Slip on oily ground to prevent slips and falls.   
4.  The electric control cabinet, the motor. And the operation buttons should be careful to prevent water from entering. 

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The cleaning steps of a fully automatic fryer are basically the above points. Users should pay attention to hygiene when cleaning. Because it is related to the food industry. Hygiene issues are the first priority, and regular cleaning can also extend the life of the fully automatic fryer.

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