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What Are The Precautions When Installing Puffed Snack Machinery?


Puffed snack making machine is an efficient and high-performance food machinery. In order to make newly purchased machinery and equipment capable of stable and efficient production, correct installation is very important. For puffing machine that is widely used in food, feed and industrial production and processing The same is true for automatic snack making equipment. Below, Loyal will explain in detail the precautions when installing industrial puffed food machinery:

puffing snack making machinery


1. Puffed snack making machinery should read the equipment manual carefully before installation. So as to understand the structure, dimensions and position of the lifting point of the equipment;

2. When hoisting and transporting the equipment, take correct methods to avoid damage to the equipment. For example, when the equipment is installed on the floor, the belt guard and belt should be removed first. And the expansion cavity must not be lifted to avoid damage to important working parts of the automatic puffed making equipment ;

3. The ground or bracket on which the double screw extruder is installed must be firm and level to withstand the full-load working conditions of the machine. Otherwise it will affect the performance of the twin screw extruder machine;

puffing snack making machine


4. The feeder and conditioner can be directly bolted to the main body of the extruder machine, and the outlet of the conditioner should be consistent with the inlet on the extruder;

5. The connection and installation of the steam pipe of the automatic double screw extruder machine must be carried out in strict accordance with local regulations, and the steam pipe should be sealed and insulated;

6. When installing the automatic twin screw extruder. There should be enough space around it to facilitate operation, maintenance and maintenance. The installation environment should be ventilated;

7. The connecting buckets at the upper and lower interfaces of the twin screw extruder should be made flat and smooth to facilitate material flow;

puffing snack making equipment


8. After the water supply and steam pipelines are installed. The pipelines should be thoroughly cleaned to prevent the residue in the pipeline from blocking the valves or pipe fittings;

9. The installation location of the on-site control cabinet should be appropriate to facilitate production operation and equipment maintenance.

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