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Introduction And Maintenance Methods Of Puffed Snack Equipment


Everyone is no stranger to puffed snacks. And everyone knows puffed foods. Nowadays, there are many different puffed snacks in large and small supermarkets. Most of which are made using puffing mechanism. With the continuous development of puffed snack. This kind of equipment has become more and more widely used. Because of its simple and convenient operation, it has become a way for many people to get rich. Below Loyal introduces the maintenance method of this automatic puffing equipment.

puffing snack making machine



1. Extruded raw materials should be screened to prevent foreign matter such as metals from entering the machine and damaging the barrel and twin screw.

2. It is strictly forbidden to use a hard hammer during disassembly and assembly of vulnerable parts. And it is strictly forbidden to place heavy objects or stand people on the expansion cavity.

puffing snack making machine


3. When shutting down for a long time without using or replacing puffed materials, the materials in the puffing cavity should be removed to avoid agglomeration, mildew or cross-contamination between materials.

4. The housing bearings and gears should be filled with oil in time. During operation, the housing bearings and gears are always lubricated. Appropriate amount of engine oil should be added for pre-production lubrication before the operation of the new machine. After a period of normal production and operation. The oil for lubricating the box bearings and gears should be replaced with new oil to avoid excessively dirty engine oil and damage to the bearings and gears.

5. Since the thread section of the wearing parts near the discharge port wears relatively quickly. The thread section of the wearing parts near the feed port wears less. So when replacing the wearing parts, you should start from the discharge end. Replace one by one. It is not advisable to replace multiple parts at once.

puffing snack making equipment


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