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What Are The Varieties Of Instant Noodles And How To Make Them?


There are many varieties of instant noodles made of automatic instant noodles making machine.

instant noodle production line


In the form of packaging, there are bagged noodles and cup noodles;

From the taste, there are soy sauce, salt, spicy, flavored and Japanese noodles;

There are fried and non-fried in the manufacturing method.

instant noodle production line


The instant noodles manufacturing process is, first of all, add 33% water to the flour. Use a kneading machine to reconcile the noodles, and then put the noodles into a calender to form a dough sheet. Then cut into noodles by a cutting machine. The cut noodles are sent to the steaming machine via a conveyor belt. Steam for 1-2 minutes, and then carry out the flavor treatment.

instant noodle making machine


There are generally two flavor treatments: one is the soaking method. And the other is the spray method.

The flavored noodles are cut into sections using a noodle cutter and divided into portions. Non-fried instant noodles can be dried directly with 95℃ hot air. The fried instant noodle production line also requires boiling at 130-150°C. The fried instant noodles are porous in structure and taste better than hot-air dried instant noodles.

instant noodle making equipment

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