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What Are The Characteristics And Advantages Of The Extruded Fried Food Production Line


The full automatic extruded fried food production line mainly uses potato starch, corn starch, tapioca starch and flour as raw materials. After being extruded and cured by a single screw extruder, it is cut into semi-finished blanks of various shapes. By changing different molds, products with novel three-dimensional and planar shapes such as shells, spirals, tubes and flakes can be produced. After frying and puffing, the seasoning powder can be sprayed through the drum seasoning equipment to become crispy and delicious snack foods.

full automatic extruded fried food production line


The advantages of the industrial spiral/shell/extruded fried snack making machine are:

1. Feeding, main drive and rotary cutting all adopt frequency conversion speed regulation, with strong power, stable operation and energy saving.

2. The twin screw of the extrusion system is made by a special process with high performance and accurate and reliable temperature control of the barrel.

3. The mold (knife) group seat can increase the replacement speed of molds and knives.

4. Double screw feeding adopts forced feeding, uniform feeding and preventing shortage of material.

5. The raw material conditioning system can be configured to make the product quality better.

full automatic extruded fried food production line


This production line has the advantages of easy operation, flexible matching and combination, and easy maintenance. Customers can choose semi-automatic and fully automatic production lines according to actual conditions. It can also produce 3D, corrugated slices, shrimp slices and other puffed foods by matching different plastic equipment. At the same time, they are very popular with consumers.

full automatic extruded fried food production line

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