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Chilled Meat Conforms To Market Consumption Upgrades And Cold Storage Equipment Plays a Big Role


In recent years, in the context of consumption upgrades. People have become increasingly demanding on the freshness, safety and quality of pork products. And the market share of cold fresh meat in my country will gradually expand. The refrigerated fresh-keeping equipment. Such as refrigerated trucks and freezers will also play an increasingly prominent role in ensuring the freshness and quality of cold meat products such as storage, transportation and sales.

industrial defrosting equipment


There is such a saying: "slaughter pigs in the middle of the night, buy meat in the morning". At the same time, it also reflects that pork must be eaten fresh. In recent years, with the upgrading of consumption and the continuous improvement of consumption level. People's meat consumption structure is changing. The consumption of meat ingredients has shifted from the pursuit of quality to the pursuit of quality. The requirements for freshness, safety and quality have become increasingly high. The fresh meat market is growing rapidly.

industrial defrosting equipment


Compared with hot fresh pork, cold fresh pork is also "cold sour pork". After strict slaughtering and processing technology. And through the professional industrial defrosting equipment rapid cooling treatment. The temperature of the animal carcass is reduced to 0°C-4°C within 24 hours. In the subsequent process, the fresh meat in the range of 0-4°C is still maintained. Due to the rapid cooling treatment, the moisture of the food is fully locked. It not only better inhibits the reproduction and invasion of bacteria. At the same time, the original color and elasticity of the meat products are maintained. And the taste is smooth and tender. It can be stored for 7 days at -2-5℃.

industrial defrosting equipment


However, cold fresh meat has higher requirements on the storage and transportation environment in the process of storage, transportation, and sales. Need professional refrigeration and preservation equipment. Such as refrigerated trucks, refrigerated cabinets, refrigerators, etc. Can effectively inhibit the growth of microorganisms. Better guarantee the freshness and safety quality of products.

At the same time, refrigerated fresh-keeping equipment closely related to the storage and sales of cold meat and other meat ingredients. The equipment market such as refrigerated cabinets, refrigerators, freezers and frozen display cabinets is particularly worthy of attention. The market size is also growing. Industry insiders believe that as the market's demand for fresh ingredients such as chilled meat increases, the commercial refrigerator market may usher in an expansion.

In recent years, with the rapid development and progress of cold storage technology. Regardless of whether it is a refrigerated truck, or refrigerated storage equipment such as refrigerated cabinets, refrigerators, and freezers. It has been significantly improved in terms of precise temperature control, refrigeration speed, cold storage and fresh-keeping capacity, and energy-saving performance. In addition, some high-end refrigeration equipment is also equipped with air-cooled non-frost, independent circulation technology to solve the "pain points" of equipment defrosting. Strongly provide technical support for ensuring the freshness and quality safety of cold meat and other meat ingredients such as storage, transportation and sales.

industrial defrosting equipment


With the change of people's healthy diet in our country and the change of meat consumption structure, the market share of cold fresh meat in our country may further expand in the future. The rapid development of the cold chain logistics industry, as well as the rich and complete cold storage equipment, will also add energy to the rapid development of cold meat.

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