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Fried Food Preparation Production Line To Help!


This automatic fryer machine is specially designed for the industrial production of frying, de-oiling, seasoning and cooling of food products. Chips frying machine production line includes feeding system, continuous frying system, de-oiling system, seasoning system and cooling system. It has the characteristics of high degree of automation, large output and continuous production.

deep fryer machine


The feeding system adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, with strong power, stable operation and energy saving.

The whole machine of the commercial deep fryer is reasonable in design, easy to operate and has excellent frying effect. Users can determine the type of deep fryer machine and the type of fryer used according to the actual production. The main types of our company's commercial deep fryer are divided into electric type and gas type, fuel type and hybrid type.

commercial fryer machine


The length of the cooling system can be customized according to the actual product. At the same time, the cooling effect is excellent. And the customer can personally visit the machine.

The production line of large deep fryer has the advantages of easy operation, flexible collocation and combination, and easy maintenance. It minimizes human factors to ensure efficient and high-quality products. Wide range of applications, it can process puffed food, secondary puffed blanks, pasta products, beans, nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables, etc. According to different product characteristics, single-layer or double-layer mesh belt fryer can be equipped.

automatic fryer machine


At the same time, the company provides related supporting facilities. Such as oil tanks, oil pumps, oil filters, pipeline connections and program operations, etc.. At the same time, it can realize real-time oil level monitoring, automatic oil replenishment, oil filtering and other functions to reduce production costs.

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