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What Are Consumers' Concerns About Puffed Snack?


In fact, many of our young people especially like to eat those puffed foods, like potato chips, biscuits, etc. Basically, as long as they eat them, they can't stop at all. However, there are still a lot of controversies about puffed food. Many people say that puffed food is oily, salty, and high-calorie food, and eating it is not good for the body. Many consumers are also particularly concerned about reports that puffed food is not good for health. So, can puffed food be eaten?

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1. Puffed food is rich in nutrients.

High-fat, high-calorie, high-salt...puffed food has always been regarded as "junk food" without nutrition. From a nutritional point of view, some puffed foods are indeed high in fat, high in calories, and low in crude fiber. There are certain deficiencies in the diet, but they are not without nutrition. The raw materials of puffed food are mainly beans, cereals, and potatoes. The main components are carbohydrates and protein, and contain high dietary fiber. After the raw materials are puffed, the water is reduced, and it is easier to be absorbed by the body, and it is easy to store and preserve. Therefore, it is not objective to blindly label it "junk food".

Puffing technology belongs to the physical processing technology, which can not only change the shape and state of the raw materials, but also improve the molecular structure and properties of the raw materials, and form some new substances, so that the food maintains softness, good flavor and high digestibility. .

In the process of puffing, the starch in some grain raw materials is quickly gelatinized, the hydration rate of protein and carbohydrate is significantly improved, and the water-soluble substances are also increasing, which is more conducive to the infiltration of gastrointestinal digestive enzymes. Therefore, it is more conducive to the infiltration of gastrointestinal digestive enzymes. For people with poor digestive function in the gastrointestinal tract, occasional consumption can help the absorption of dietary fiber and certain nutrients. There are no unhealthy foods, only unhealthy ‘how to eat’. Although fat, carbohydrate, protein, etc. are indispensable to human diet, excessive intake will cause excess fat to accumulate in the body. Especially for children, long-term consumption of large amounts of puffed food will affect the normal dietary nutrition intake to a certain extent, and the long-term accumulation of additives in puffed food will also affect the health of children's liver and kidneys.

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2. Puffed food is harmless to health.

In recent years, the problems of excessive aluminum and lead in puffed foods have frequently been exposed, which has also caused many people to worry about when buying food. There are several possible reasons for the heavy metal elements to exceed the standard: First, the processing and use of containers, if lead tools and containers are used in the production process, lead elements will be introduced into the food, causing the lead content of the food to exceed the standard. In addition, the non-compliant use of food additives exceeding the limits and limits is another cause of excessive aluminum. The source of aluminum in daily foods partly comes from additives such as leavening agents in food (such as alum and sodium bicarbonate), and partly comes from the dissolution of packaging materials. Certain toxic food additives must be strictly controlled to ensure that they are harmless to the human body for long-term ingestion, and strict and detailed regulations have been made on the variety, use range, and use amount of food additives.

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Generally speaking, the puffed foods placed in the supermarket are qualified products that have passed the national food inspection, and they can be eaten with confidence. Regardless of what products we eat, in fact, we have to be adequate, not just for puffed foods. Now that our Jinan extrusion and puffing machinery technology continues to mature, it has well ensured the nature of the food and better retains the nutritional content of the food. There will be no problems with eating some puffed food appropriately.

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