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The Development Trend And Advantages Of Instant Noodle Production Line


Automatic instant noodle production line was consisted of dough maker, forming host, steam noodle machine, cutting machine, frying machine and cooler. It is on the basis of the research of similar products at home and abroad, combined with the needs of the mass consumer market in China. With miniaturization the production features a new generation of products developed and manufactured by its technology to improve, compact design novel, stable and reliable performance. The automatic instant noodles production line from flour to finished product once complete, the high degree of automation, simple operation, moderate, production, energy saving, small footprint, the investment is only one tenth of the large-scale equipment, with less investment and quick. Special suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises.

instant noodle line

Commercial instant noodles making processing line

Mixer-- Rolling And Shaping Machine-- Hoister -- Frying Machine-- Cooling Machine-- Flavoring Machine-- Packing Machine

noodle making

Industrial fried instant noodles product line characteristics:

1. The automatic fried instant noodles making machine has perfect technology, compact structure, original design and stable performance, is developed on the base of requirements of the world market.

2. Convenient operation, low energy and small floor space.

3. The investment for this line is only one tenth of that lager size equipment, especially suitable to small-sized or self owned enterprise.

noodle machine

 4. The corrugated instant noodle produced by this line is tenacious, smooth and transparent. It is very easy to be saturated by water.

 5. All the machinery is made of stainless steel 304.

 6. Final package: cup or plastic bag

 7. Noodle shape: round or square


Advantages of instant noodle production line equipment:

(1) The professional instant noodles making machine adopts new technology and instant noodle production line equipment instead of frying and drying, and the noodles have good rehydration.

For example, the combination of high-temperature hot air drying, ordinary drying and frying drying reduces the oil content of the product and prolongs the shelf life.

(2) Adopt new formula

Some additives such as modified starch and propylene glycol alginate can be added to improve taste and rehydration.

Machine(3) To produce high-nutrition instant noodles, add vitamins, lysine and other substances that are lacking in wheat flour to make nutrition more comprehensive and richer.

(4) Aseptic packaging of instant noodle production line and soft canned soup have also become an inevitable trend.

In addition, in order to further improve the quality of noodles, it is also urgent and necessary to develop and produce high-quality special powder for instant noodles.

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