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What Process Is Needed For The Production Of Rice Straws


What process is needed for the production of rice straws

Many countries have now initiated bans on plastics, and our country is not far behind and appeals to everyone to use environmentally friendly straws. However, the paper straw has a disadvantage, that is, it will soften after being placed in water for a long time, resulting in a not so good experience. Now some domestic and foreign manufacturers have developed edible rice straws that can be soaked in hot drinks for a long time. Then production of rice straws
Is the equipment really so easy to use? Today, let’s take a look
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The process of production of rice straws is not complicated. It is composed of 70% rice and 30% tapioca starch. Even if the pearl milk tea is used to make pearls, Korean companies have adopted automated and large-scale production to set the wholesale price of a single root. It has been reduced to 15 won, or about 9 cents, and the monthly output has increased to about 300 million. It plans to supply hundreds of cafes and some high-end hotels in South Korea.
In fast food restaurants and beverage shops, plastic straws are the most commonly used by shopkeepers. This is also a kind of plastic pollution. In order to solve this situation, many people in society have begun to diverge their thinking and create new things to replace plastic straws, rice. From then on, the straw was put on the agenda.

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And from Starbucks, McDonald's and other fast food chains to pilot implementation, edible straws have become a hot spot for research and development. Edible straws to replace plastic straws must have the following characteristics, not easy to soak, not easy to taste, and low in price.
The edible straw production line mainly uses rice, cassava rice noodles, etc. as raw materials and uses a unique extrusion molding process to produce secondary puffed foods of various shapes that are popular on the market. The production line has reasonable design, high degree of automation, accurate control of extrusion parameters, and the main engine is equipped with high and low pressure screws, which increases the use range of raw materials, reduces costs, and improves product quality.

rice straws machine

The new colorful rice straws are at the forefront of solving the problem of plastic pollution. This is a disposable rice straw that does not contain plastic, is edible, can be degraded in the ocean, and contains no genetically modified materials. I hope to create a straw that can not only replace the original plastic straws, but also does not affect people's habits of relying on disposable products.
Generally speaking, after the rice straw is boiled, it will turn into a bowl of noodles, which can be eaten normally. Therefore, this straw device is not harmful to our natural environment. It can be buried in the soil. break down. When the rice straw production line produces rice straws, they are basically made from crops such as wheat, rice, corn, and cassava, which are baked, squeezed, and dried, which can better protect our natural environment.

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