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The importance of scientific addition of complementary food, infant rice flour

Twin screw extrusion technology is used in the production line of infant nutritional rice flour to replace the new technology of traditional cooking rice flour production.

What is baby rice flour?

When the baby grows to 3-5 months, it is necessary to add supplementary food in time and scientifically, of which infant rice flour is very important. For babies with supplementary food, baby rice flour is the main food for adults. Its main nutrient, carbohydrate, is the main energy source needed in a day.

Infant rice powder is a supplementary food for infants and young children, which is made of rice as the main raw material, sugar, vegetables, fruits, eggs, meat and other selective ingredients, and added with minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamins. It is used for breast milk or infant formula milk powder which can not meet the nutritional requirements and when infants are weaned. Baby rice flour is relatively pure, scientific and more close to adult food. With the improvement of modern science and technology, the nutritional elements of most baby rice noodles are more and more comprehensive and rich.

Baby rice noodles

Benefits of rice flour for infants:

1. Prepare for weaning.

2. Training chewing ability.

3. Train your baby's swallowing ability.

4. Supplement the insufficient nutrition in milk, which can supplement microelements.

There are many advantages for babies to eat rice flour, so what is the technological process of rice flour production line? What is the key equipment to produce rice flour?

Technological process of expanded nutritional powder production line:

Raw material preparation → mixing → conveying → extrusion and expansion → conveying → drying → crushing → packaging

Equipment configuration of expanded nutritional powder production line:

Blender → feeder → expander → blower → multi-layer oven → pulverizer → packaging machine

Process composition of infant rice flour production line:

Powder mixer: mix the raw materials with nutrition additives and a certain proportion of water evenly.

Feeding machine: transport the mixed raw materials to the feeding hopper of the extruder.

Extruder: the raw materials in the hopper enter the extrusion system to produce particles.

Blower: deliver the particles to the oven.

Multi layer oven: the oven is mostly electric oven, the temperature is adjusted by the control cabinet between 0-200 degrees, and the inside is stainless steel double-layer mesh bag. The baking time can be adjusted according to the speed to remove the moisture.

Air blower: conveying the baked particles to the pulverizer.

Pulverizer: according to the requirements of the particle into different fineness of the product.

Expanded nutritional powder production line

Advantages of baby rice flour making machine:

1. Technology: twin screw extrusion technology is used in the production line of infant nutritional rice flour to replace the new technology of traditional cooking rice flour production.

2. Operation: infant rice flour production line integrates mixing, ripening, expansion, sterilization and packaging, and does not need boilers. The production process is simple, efficient and environmental friendly.

3. Application: the raw material of the nutritional rice flour production line can be either rice flour, corn flour single material or its mixture.

4. Product aspect: the product can be changed by changing raw materials and auxiliary equipment, and the nutritional rice flour produced is rich in nutrients.

Actual production

How to choose baby rice flour?

1. Look at the color and smell. Good quality rice noodles should be white, uniform, and fragrant with rice noodles, without any other odors, such as essence flavor.

2. Look at the shape and the sense of impulse. The rice flour should be powder or flake, dry and loose, even without caking; after brewing or boiling with a proper amount of warm water, it should be fully stirred to be a greasy paste, and the entrance should be fine and smooth.

3. Look at the ingredients. Baby rice noodles can not add salt, essence, preservatives, and not suitable to add sucrose, should pay attention to the natural taste of food. The table of nutrients shall clearly indicate the basic nutrients such as heat, protein, fat, carbohydrate and other added nutrients.

Safe and nutritious baby rice flour is the key

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