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What do you know about the characteristics of snack food extruder?

Snack food extruder is simple in structure, easy to operate, low in energy consumption, low in cost and fast in income.

Snack food extruder is also called extrusion food extruder, leisure food manufacturing machine and twin-screw snack food expansion equipment, which is composed of control system, feeding system, extrusion system, rotary cutting system, heating system, main drive system and lubrication system, and integrates mixing, stirring, crushing, heating, cooking, sterilization, expansion and molding. Generally, cereals, potatoes or legumes are used as the main raw materials to produce snack foods of various shapes popular in the market, such as chips, crispy rice, McNuggets, sandwich rice snack, crispy taste, lifelike fragrance and different styles.


Snack food extruder is simple in structure, easy to operate, low in energy consumption, low in cost and fast in income. It has the characteristics of multi-function, high in output and high in quality. It plays an important role in refining coarse grains, improving the taste of coarse grains, passivating bad factors, improving protein digestibility, etc. There are many kinds of snacks after extrusion, and the preservation rate and digestibility of nutrients are high. Easy to eat.

Snack food extruder

Equipment parameters:

Host model



Installed capacity



Actual power consumption






Outline size



The model of twin Screw snack food extruder is classic, widely used, low price and moderate output, which is very suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises to start businesses and use in stable period.

The specific characteristics are as follows:

1. The full computer automatic control system can accurately control the flow and flow proportion of various materials, and quickly adjust the steam and water addition. The feeding, rotary cutting and main drive are all frequency control systems, and the supporting parts are all international advanced standards, with strong power, stable operation and energy saving.

2. The screw is made of alloy material through special process, with long service life. The motor and distribution box are directly connected to reduce energy loss. The forced lubrication system extends the service life of the equipment and reduces the mechanical energy consumption.

3. The rotary cutting device adopts the hanging mold base and linear bearing tool adjusting device, which can adjust the tool safely, accurately and quickly. The blade can be readjusted in production, and the blade head can be replaced without stopping the machine, so that the utilization rate of the machine is high.

4. Block type combined screw can be randomly combined according to different raw materials and products.

5. The material is extruded and extruded at high temperature to effectively sterilize and truly realize the safety and health of food.

6. The twin-screw has self-cleaning function, so it is more reasonable and convenient to use when changing the formula and product variety.

7. The production conditions are simple, and only the basic conditions of water and electricity are needed. During the production process, the transmission is stable, the noise is small, and there is no waste water, waste gas, dust and other pollution to be eliminated, which is safe and environmental protection.

8. Small floor area can reduce the cost of the site. High degree of automation, automatic cutting, automatic conveying, automatic continuous drying, high efficiency and reliability, simple operation, and labor saving.

9. The visual automatic temperature control system makes the temperature control more intuitive and the parameters more accurate.

10. It is widely used in raw materials. By changing the mold and production process, it can produce a variety of popular puffed snack foods in the market.

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