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Precautions For Safe Operation Of Automatic Continuous Fryer


The automatic continuous fryer has the characteristics of simple operation, good selling of automatic continuous fryer, fuel-saving and power-saving, etc., so it is favored by people. The automatic fryer can achieve continuous discharge, and the frying time can be set at will. During the frying process, the material itself moves to achieve self-stirring without external force, which greatly reduces the damage rate of the material, thereby meeting the requirements of automatic continuous fryer capacity in all aspects.

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Precautions for safe operation of automatic fryer:

1. Before using the fryer, check whether the instrument of the fryer is operating normally.

2. Keep the air permeability in the environment of the fryer and complete fire extinguishing continuous deep fryer.

3. Check whether the inside of the automatic fryer is clean before use.

4. Automatic continuous fryer is best to add a lid when the oil is preheated. There should be no water on the lid, so as not to drip into the pot and heat the oil and hurt people.

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5. The frying process needs to be operated according to the formula and technological process.

6. The automatic fryer must be turned off when changing the oil and water, and can only operate when the oil temperature drops below 80°C.

7. Automatic continuous fryer is strictly forbidden to wash the body with water to avoid the danger of damaging the circuit.

manufacturer of automatic continuous fryers8. When an abnormal phenomenon is found in the fryer, please turn off the power immediately and find an electrician to troubleshoot the problem before working.

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