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Pet Feed Fish Feed Making Machine Processing Line

The main part of the twin screw extrusion system of the fish feed making machine is the screw and screw sleeve. The two screws are left-handed, meshed with each other, and rotate in the same direction.

The main part of the twin screw extrusion system of the fish feed making machine is the screw and screw sleeve. The two screws are left-handed, meshed with each other, and rotate in the same direction. In the working process of the dog food equipment. The grinding power level is high and the energy consumption is low, but after fine grinding, due to the classification phenomenon, it needs to be mixed again. Commonly used feed crushing equipment includes hammer crushers, water drop crushers, vertical shaft hammer crushers, micro crushers and ultrafine crushers. This is a common type of feed, and pet food extruder crushing principle is unsupported impact crushing. In the crushing process of pet food online, the core of the collision between the hammer head and the material is the eccentric impact. The material rotates in the crushing chamber, which consumes a small amount of energy. At the same time, due to the impact of the high-speed hammer head and the structure of the crushing chamber, the material will circulate on the screen surface to form a circulating layer, with large particles in the outer layer and small particles in the inner layer. In this way, the small particles that meet the crushing requirements have been pulverized too much. Because they cannot be discharged from the sieve in time, the power consumption is generally increased, and the temperature of the material rises. In addition, part of the water in the material forms steam. The powder adheres to the sieve plate together, causing the sieve holes to be blocked and the pulverizing power to drop., the materials sticking to the screw are scraped and pushed forward. The screw is composed of seven parts, and the materials are being pushed. Increase the mixing and extrusion ability of the materials, increase the contact area of ​​the materials with the sleeve, facilitate the absorption of external heating, and facilitate the maturation of the materials. The screw is connected by a spline shaft sleeve to form a whole concentric screw. This connection method is interchangeable, convenient for assembly and disassembly, and easy to replace. The rotary cutting device is composed of a motor, a knife holder, and a belt pulley. The knife holder is fixed on the die body. The motor drives the knife holder to rotate through a belt to cut the material. The matching molds of this machine include round hole shape, plum blossom shape, column shape, sheet shape, etc. This system is composed of a gear pump, an oil tank and an oil circuit, for forced lubrication and cooling of the rotating parts of the distribution box. The speed control system of this machine adopts frequency conversion speed control technology, which has reliable adjustment, large adjustment range and stable operation. The heating system is divided into 3 zones, each zone has two far-infrared heating coils, the power of each heating circle is 2KW, and the heating temperature of each zone can be adjusted independently. Centralized control of all systems of the TSX series host, convenient operation and reliable control, and is equipped with a variety of automatic protection devices and status indicating instruments. Safety protection: grounding protection (grounding resistance is not more than 4Ω).

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 Product homogeneity: the material has been crushed or mixed before being expanded. The friction and shearing action of the screw and steam plug in the extruder cavity further mix and break the material, which is helpful for the homogenization of the final product; Dehydration: When the extruded material leaves the feed pellet extruder, due to the high temperature and high pressure in the cavity , pet feed making machine's internal moisture evaporates immediately (flashing), which is very beneficial for storage; Enhance stability: the high temperature and high pressure in the puffing cavity can passivate the enzymes caused in the material, avoiding the rapid destruction of nutrients in the material in the short term , Can enhance the stability of the product storage process;? Good palatability: the puffed material has the characteristics of unique fragrance and fluffy feeling, good palatability, high gelatinization, and has a good food attractant effect; wide range of raw materials: granules Due to the working characteristics of the ring die, it is difficult to produce feeds with high fat content, and the requirements for the moisture content of feed ingredients are strict. Extruded feeds have relaxed requirements for fat and moisture content, which can produce high-energy feeds and fully meet the needs of pets; significant benefits: The research of pet experts at home and abroad shows.

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