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Aquatic Feed Production Line


Fish feed machinery and equipment can produce different fish species, such as ornamental fish feed, suspended fish feed, sinking fish feed, etc., required for artificial feeding by adjusting the formula and changing molds. This type of automatic fish food production line uses meat meal, fish meal, bone meal, soybean meal, corn meal, etc. as raw materials, adopts advanced twin-screw extrusion technology, first extrusion and then baking, spraying and other processes, producing novel shapes and rich nutrition , aquatic feed and pet food with fine organization and high palatability. In order to meet the production needs of the majority of users, our company has developed multiple models of fish feed machinery and equipment, with a production capacity ranging from 100 kg per hour to 2000 kg per hour.

fish food machineThe feed production equipment has reasonable design, high degree of automation, and precise control of extrusion process parameters. The industrial floating fish food production line uses whole grains, soybean meal, fish meal, bone meal, meat meal, etc. as the main raw materials, and is extruded and granulated by an extruder at high temperature. By adjusting the ratio of raw materials, processing temperature, moisture, extrusion pressure and other production processes, the products can have different sizes, shapes, tastes and nutritional ratios. So as to adapt to the feeding needs of various livestock (such as dogs, foxes, etc.) and fish. The feed products produced by this set of feed production equipment have the characteristics of uniform appearance, high maturation, rich nutrition, delicate tissue, and easy digestion and absorption. It is an ideal choice for investment in building factories to produce various animal feeds.

fish food Raw Material Crushing → Raw Material (Corn Meal, Soybean Meal Powder, Starch, Fish Meal, Etc.) Preparation → Mixer → Conveyor → Twin Screw Feed Extruder → Conveying → Drying Equipment (Electric Oven, Gas Oil Oven Or Steam Oven) → Oil Injection → Double Barrel Seasoning System→Cooling Conveyor→Screening→Silo→Packing Machine

fish food making machineTwin-screw puffed food equipment is a puffed food equipment developed by adopting internationally advanced twin-screw backlog puffing technology and combining our company's rich experience in puffing food technology research for many years. The characteristics of floating fish food extruder equipment are: according to market demand, it can use corn, rice, millet, black rice, mung bean, buckwheat, oats and other grains as raw materials, through forced extrusion, puffing, molding and drying, oil spraying, seasoning and the corresponding process is processed. It is installed on the distribution box of the machine body, and the speed is adjustable through screw feeding. The system consists of a screw, a silo, a stirring fin, a transmission system, etc. The function of the stirring fin is to prevent the material from being "overheaded" in the silo and hindering the feeding.

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