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How To Use The Core Filling Snacks Production Line


The automatic core filling snacks production line is our company after years of continuous research and development accumulation, continuous optimization of the process flow, research and development and design of a variety of products suitable for the current domestic and foreign snacks food markets. The core filling snacks equipment has large output, stable system, simple operation and guaranteed quality.

The following is the production process of the commercial core filling snacks production line:

1. Selected and impurity removal: Use the stone remover to remove sand and stones from rice and corn.

2. Crushing and sieving: Crush the rice and corn after removing impurities through the 20-mesh sieve.

3. Mixing and stirring: Mix the rice flour and corn flour evenly according to the proportion, and keep the moisture of the mixed raw materials at 10%-14%.

4. Core filling snacks processing: The cream has good stability and lubricity, and can make the product have a better flavor. Therefore, it is ideal to use cream as the carrier for the sandwich material. Warm and melt the pure cream, then cool it to about 40℃, add it to various crushed materials that have passed through a 60 mesh sieve in proportion, and mix them evenly. In oeder to ensure product quality, the cream should be added in an appropriate amount to ensure that the materials are evenly diluted and in good condition.5. Puffing and core filling snacks machine production process: This is the key process of the puffing production of core filling snacks. The quality of the puffing of the material directly affects the final texture and taste. The material becomes a fluid gel state after high temperature and high pressure during extrusion. The puffing is evenly and stably extruded through the specially designed sandwich mold. At the same time, the sandwich material is evenly injected into the puffed through the sandwich machine, and is extruded with the puffed material. When the product is extruded, the moisture content of the material will drop to 9%-10%. .

6. Shaping: After the sandwiched puffed material is extruded from the die hole, it needs to be drawn to the shaping machine. After being pressed by two forming rolls, it is cut by a cutter into a sandwich puffed food with a certain length and uniform thickness. When the material cools, the moisture drops to 6%-8%.

7. Drying: The purpose of drying is to improve the taste and shelf life of the product. By drying, part of the filling can be changed from raw to cooked, and the moisture of the material after drying is reduced to 2%-3%.

8. Oil injection and seasoning: This process is carried out in the drum. The oil injection is to prevent the product from absorbing moisture, to give the product a certain degree of stability, and to extend the shelf life. The seasoning is sprayed to improve the taste and flavor. With the rotation of the drum, the material enters from one end and comes out from the other end. The oil injection is carried out when the material enters the drum, and the oil is evenly coated on the surface of the material through tumbling and stirring. When the material passes through the middle of the drum, seasoning is added, and the final product comes out of the drum. The product should have the same color and white surface. The sprayed oil can be replaced by salad oil; the seasoning can be added as needed.9. Packaging: core filling snacks are sealed with polyethylene plastic film by snacks food packaging machine, which is required to be sealed, beautiful and tidy.

The industrial core filling snacks production line can also produce puffed snacks, nutritious breakfast and other products by changing the mold and production process, which is suitable for various food manufacturers.

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