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The Role Of Pet Feed Production Equipment


During the molding process of pet food, water is added in the form of steam to gelatinize the starch of pet food’s raw materials and heat up to 100-180 degrees Celsius. Because the pressure before extrusion is very high, the pressure is released instantly when extrusion, and the water is rushed out of the particles, so that the pet food rapidly expands and foams, and the water evaporates.  Therefore, the pet food through puffing manufacturing process generally has high nutritional value, which is well absorbed.  

What is the role of pet food production equipment?  

One: Extrusion equipment to improve the palatability of pet food.  Dry pet food becomes crisp after overpuffing. It has a better taste when pets bite and swallow, and is also good for cleaning pets' mouth and teeth.  

Two: Puffing can change and improve the nutritional value of pet feed.  Many nutrients need to be matured and puffed before they can become nutritious. Otherwise, they will not bring nutrition to pets, but will cause diarrhea, vomiting and other unindications.  

Three: Pet food production line can improve the digestion and absorption rate of pet feed.  Puffed pet feed, pets absorb more and perfect, and there is even a "double puffing" process, the purpose is to make pets more perfect to absorb all the nutrients in pet feed;  

Four: The shape and structure of pet food are changed through puffing and pellet manufacturing process, so that pets can easily eat pet feed and eat more;  

Five: pet food making machine can change the content of different nutritional indicators of pet feed.  For example, reducing water can improve the shelf life of pet feed, more convenient for pet owners to store and feed at any time, which is both convenient;  

Six: change the density of pet food.  Extrusion and puffing can also increase the bulk density of pet feed, which is easy to purchase and transport.  

Seven: the puffing process is also a high temperature and high pressure process, can kill a variety of mold and other harmful substances, improve the pet feed sex, health.  

To sum up, the puffing of pet food production equipment plays a vital role in pet feed, so the puffing pet food equipment is an important joint in the production of pet food.  

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