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How Is Extruded Artificial Rice Made?


Rice is one of the indispensable staple foods in our daily life. However, in the process of rice handling, packaging and transportation, some unavoidable factors will produce a little broken rice, which causes the poor selling of rice and other factors. The broken rice produced by the factors can only be sold to farms to make feed, etc. The price is low, which cannot meet the profits of the rice sales company. After a long time of thinking and research, artificial rice came into being.

Artificial rice refers to artificial rice made by artificial methods of granulation, gelatinization, and drying to make particles similar to natural rice. It is mainly made of crushed rice as the main raw material and made by professional technology. The taste and properties of artificial rice are comparable to those of natural rice. It can withstand washing and soaking, and it can maintain the shape of rice grains after cooking, and is equally delicious. Artificial rice is used in the same way as natural rice.


This rice production line is developed for the large amount of nutrients lost in the rice during the traditional rice milling process. Rice and its by-products can be made into highly value-added products through the extrusion process. In this process, broken rice and rice bran can be reused. The entire rice production process is simple and easy to operate: the broken rice is crushed and mixed with a certain amount of water, oil, etc., at a certain temperature, the raw materials are matured in the rice extruder, and then extruded by the die to form a rice shape, and finally reconstituted. The rice grains are dried at a low temperature. This extrusion technology effectively avoids the loss of nutrients, and thus becomes nutrient-rich fortified rice.

Artificial rice is made of fine rice noodles, which is processed by adding water, stirring, puffing, cooling, drying, sieving, etc. It looks like rice. The artificial rice made of yellow corn is light yellow, and the white corn is white. They are all in a semi-puffed state and have a certain degree of transparency. The rice made with this kind of corn is better than the rice made with corn flour and corn residue. At present, there are many types of artificial rice with sugar, lysine and vitamins on the market, which is a very convenient food.

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