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How Can Instant Noodle Manufacturers Stand Out?


With the continuous development of the economy and the accelerating pace of people's lives. A variety of convenience foods have been favored by many consumer groups. Convenience foods can be further subdivided into instant foods, quick-frozen foods, dried or powdered convenience foods, canned foods, and convenience dishes. In recent years, ready-to-eat food has become more and more simple, rich and diverse. And it has gradually become a popular product in the food industry. Because it is in line with modern lifestyles. Driven by market demand, it has developed rapidly.

instant noodles production line


Recently, the author purchased a variety of instant foods on an e-commerce platform. Such as Japanese-style ramen noodles, Liuzhou snail noodles, Lanzhou knives noodles, Hunan rice noodles and so on. Instant food is no longer limited to traditional instant noodles. Present a situation of "a hundred flowers bloom". These instant foods are not only delicious and convenient. It also reflects the regional cultural characteristics. But how to make these foods with local characteristics break the geographical limitations and keep the shape and quality of circulation? This benefits from the innovation and development of food machinery and equipment at this stage. It provides a guarantee for realizing the double improvement of the quality and value of instant food.

Instant food generally consists of two parts: noodles and seasoning packs. It seems simple but there is a lot of knowledge in it.

instant noodles production line


First of all, the instant noodles production line involves processes such as mixing, pressing, drying, cooling and packaging. Traditional instant noodles usually use the frying process. However, modern people's requirements for food have changed from the former only for satiety to nutrition and health. Therefore, most of the new instant foods at this stage are developing in the direction of non-fried. This has higher requirements for drying technology. The current drying process in the industry mainly includes frying drying and non-fried drying such as hot air, microwave, and vacuum freezing. With the development of science and technology, my country's vacuum freeze-drying technology has become quite mature. Many large food production companies have introduced related equipment. The sublimation performance of ice is used to complete the drying of noodle products in a low temperature and low pressure environment.

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Secondly, there are abundant seasoning packages for instant foods such as snail noodles and ramen. Facing increasingly fierce market competition. Instant food manufacturers are committed to the improvement of product packaging technology. The automatic packaging machinery can adjust the packaging process according to the differences between different flour products and various seasoning packages. Link the equipment, functions and information involved in the packaging. It saves time and effectively improves packaging efficiency. It can also ensure that instant food can better take the "Internet Express".

In addition, ready-to-eat foods may carry multiple microorganisms during the production process. Therefore, it needs to be sterilized. So as to achieve the purpose of extending the shelf life of food. To prevent the texture of food from being destroyed. Instant food uses a variety of new technologies in sterilization. Such as steam sterilization, microwave sterilization, low temperature sterilization, ozone sterilization, high pressure sterilization, etc. Selection of appropriate sterilization technology can not only effectively achieve the purpose of sterilization. It also maintains the flavor of food well.

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Shandong Loyal believes that instant food has considerable advantages in terms of resources and labor. It has created conditions for the industry to take the road of modern industrialization. Next, ready-to-eat food will gradually develop from traditional manual to automation, from just for convenience to delicious and healthy. Relevant companies should seize the opportunity and combine emerging technologies to seek greater development prospects for the industry. Create a new situation for instant food.

instant noodles production line

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