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What Does The Rise Of The Instant Noodle Production Line Mean?


Facing the upgrading trend of the instant noodle market. The instant noodle industry has returned to the consumption upgrade trend of kitchen flavor. In-depth adjustment of product structure requires removal of unhealthy food labels such as "fried" and "additives" in traditional instant noodles. First, choose good ingredients. Secondly, improve technology and craftsmanship to ensure that no nutrition is lost. The third is to ensure good taste and good taste, so that consumers will have endless aftertastes.

weight instant noodle making machine


In the critical period of comprehensively advancing the "Healthy China" national strategy. The convenience food industry is following the trend. By adjusting the product structure. Improve processing technology and craftsmanship. Continuously launch innovative products that are both nutritious and delicious. Reduce the "industrial flavor" to a certain extent. Make the product return to tradition and nature. Return to the kitchen flavor and restore the homely flavor. This further meets the demand for upgrading the instant noodle consumer market. Shandong Loyal learned from the 18th China Instant Noodle Conference. In the first half of 2019, China's instant noodle industry sales increased by 4%, and sales increased by more than 8%. It can be seen that the instant noodle market has begun to "rejuvenate".

Big industry automatic instant noodle production line


Not long ago, the two giants in the instant noodle industry, Master Kong and Uni-President, released their first half of 2019 financial reports. Revenue has increased to varying degrees over the same period last year. This is a good confirmation of the trend of recovery in the instant noodle market. Some people in the industry said that selecting ingredients and improving technology. And moving towards high-end is the general trend of the future innovation and transformation of the instant noodle industry. "Consumption potential is dug out." Nowadays, with the help of instant noodle structure adjustment, technology and process improvement. Accelerate the transformation and upgrade, reverse the decline, and begin to "resurrect" and regenerate new vitality.

instant noodles making machine


The instant noodle production line is a new generation of miniaturized products produced by our company on the basis of researching similar products at home and abroad. Big industry automatic instant noodle production line has perfect technology, compact structure, novel design, stable and reliable performance.

instant noodle making production line


The weight instant noodle making machine production line is automatically completed from flour to finished products, simple operation, moderate output, energy saving, small area. And instant noodle making machine has the characteristics of low investment and quick results. The produced instant noodles with corrugated sheets have a short rehydration time, good elasticity, smoothness and transparency. The automatic instant noodle production line is completely comparable to the popular large-scale equipment in the market.

Big industry automatic instant noodle production line

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