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Do You Know The Edible Rice Straw Processing Line?


1. Production line description:

Shandong Loyal Industrial Co., Ltd.’s edible straw processing production line uses flour, corn starch, tapioca starch, potato starch, potato whole wheat flour, etc. as raw materials, and is made into blanks of various sizes by a single-screw extruder, and then dried to form a smooth surface and a realistic shape Straws. Our unit screw combination technology and precise control of the production process enable you to have a wider choice of raw materials, higher product quality, and more variety. One extruder can complete the process of mixing, kneading, steaming and cooking, and extrusion molding.

Compared with ordinary straws, the products produced by the edible rice straw processing production line have unique technology, reasonable configuration, high automation, stable performance, environmental protection and pollution-free, and they can also be eaten directly after they are used. The straw can last for two to three hours in hot drinks, and longer in cold drinks. After tasting, the straw is crispy and has a taste like rice crispy rice. This set of production equipment is exported to dozens of foreign countries and fills the gap of domestic edible straw production equipment. It is an excellent choice for your investment equipment. Our company is responsible for on-site installation and commissioning, and imparting relevant production technology.

2. Features of edible rice straw processing production line
  (1) Centralized control with touch screen, accurate and convenient

  (2) Directly connected motor and distribution box, less energy loss

  (3) Imported bearing set, strong carrying capacity

  (4) The barrel is equipped with water injection device, which better adapts to raw material and quality requirements

  (5) High-speed tool steel screw, hardness HRC≥62, long service life

  (6) Building block type combined screw, can be combined freely according to different raw materials and products

  (7) Linear bearing adjustment is safe, accurate and fast

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