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How To Use The Instant Rice Nutrition Rice Production Line To Produce Healthy And Delicious Rice?


Description of automatic instant rice production line:

Full automatic nutrition rice production line is another innovative application of twin screw extrusion technology. The nutrition rice production technology uses rice flour, corn flour, etc. as the main raw materials. At the same time, various nutrients necessary for human health, such as vitamins, minerals and dietary fibers, can be added in proportion, and granulated by a twin-screw extruder. The Industrial instant rice making processing technology not only retains the original ingredients of ordinary rice, but also supplements and strengthens the nutrients necessary for human health lost by the refined rice processing. At the same time, the nutrition rice making machines can also produce coarse grains to produce miscellaneous grain rice.

rice machineFull automatic nutrition instant rice production line composition:

Mixing--- Screw Conveyor-- Extruding--- Vibrant Cooling Conveyor--- Air Conveyor--- Vibrant Drying Machine--- Air Conveyor--- Drying

rice making Main features of nutrition rice screw exruder machine:

1. Centralized control by touch screen, accurate and convenient.

2. The motor and the distribution box are directly connected for transmission, with less energy loss.

3. Imported bearing set is adopted, with strong carrying capacity.

4. The barrel is equipped with a water injection device to better meet the requirements of raw materials and quality.

5. Long service life.

6. Building block type combined screw can be combined freely according to different raw materials and products.

7. Linear bearing adjustment is safe, accurate and fast.

MachineFeatures of low temperature dryer in the commercial extruded nutrition rice processing line:


1. Fully insulated box, hot circulating air, high thermal efficiency, low energy consumption.

2. Double pitch roller chain transmission, smooth transmission, no jam.

3. Single-layer, three-layer, five-layer, and seven-layer ovens are available.

4. Extended type, reciprocating type and other structures for your choice.

5. Various heating methods: electricity, steam, fuel/gas.

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