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Why Are Biodegradable And Edible Straw Making Production Lines So Popular?


1. Plastic straws must be dissolved at least in 2001

Although many plastic straws are made from recycled materials. But they are still hard to buy. The plastic straw has the characteristics of smooth last-place resistance. In addition to being a deadly, chronic poison, kindling has been buried for thousands of years. The earth formed a massive pressure.

fully automatic edible making machine


2. The average person will use 38,000 plastic straws in their lifetime

According to a survey, the average person in the world today has nearly 38,000 plastic straws. That's about 5 billion plastic straws per day on the planet.

fully automatic edible making production line


3. There will be more plastic waste in the deep sea than fish by 2050

According to one survey, an average of five million plastic straws are used every day in the UK. Most of the straws end up in the ocean. Pollution of the water environment in the deep sea leads to Marine animals. If such conditions persist, it is estimated that by 2050 there will be more plastic waste in the deep sea than fish.

fully automatic edible making equipment


So, fully automatic edible making machine made by Shandong Loyal is becoming more and more popular.

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