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What Should We Pay Attention To When Eating Puffed Snacks?


Puffed food tastes good, and many puffed foods have unique shapes and are loved by children. Here, Shandong Loyal Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. reminds that puffed foods are good, but eating too much can affect your health.

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1.The puffed food made by double screw extruder machine should not be consumed too much. Long-term consumption of a large amount of puffed food will cause high oil and calorie intake, and insufficient crude fiber intake. Insufficient exercise will cause body fat accumulation and obesity.


2.Puffed snack made by automatic puffing snack production line should not be eaten on an empty stomach. Try not to eat puffed food as a stuffing stuff when you have an empty stomach, because when you have an empty stomach, the lead, arsenic and other toxins contained in it are easily absorbed by the body.

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3.The children should eat less puffed food. Children who eat a lot of puffed food will affect their normal diet, leading to the lack of protection and supply of various nutrients, and they are prone to malnutrition. Puffed foods are generally high in salt and high in MSG, which make it easy for children to cause high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease in adulthood.


4. Consumers should try their best to buy puffed food in airtight packaging, because the quality of packaged puffed food is generally good, while the puffed food sold in bulk is exposed to the air, which is likely to cause rancidity and excessive hygiene indicators.


5.Consumers should pay attention to the production date and shelf life when buying puffed food made by twin screw extruder machine, especially not to buy products without a production date.

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