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What Should Be Paid Attention To When Using Frying Snack Equipment?


Do you know how to operate the fried dough snack production line when putting food? Are there any points that need to be paid attention to? Below, Shandong Loyal will give you a specific introduction.

automatic fried dough snack production line


The fried pasta extruder should be cleaned frequently and necessary maintenance should be carried out to improve the safety awareness of the operators.

During the automatic dough extruder production process. When the temperature of the frying equipment rises to the set temperature, slowly put the loaded food into the fryer. So that the food is immersed in the oil. During the operation, the food can be stirred until the food is fried. After the food is fried, the net bag containing the food is raised from the oil pan and then the food is poured into the container. Also pay attention not to dip the food in the frying or put the humidified food in the oil pan. Water will also cause the oil to splash.

industrial fried dough snack production line


The above are some small details that need to be paid attention to when frying snacks with automatic frying equipment. Just pay attention to it!

fried dough snack production line

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