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What Is The Working Principle Of The Corn Puffing Machine


With the continuous progress and development of society, the use of industrial corn extruder puffing machine is also increasing. What is the working principle of corn extruder machine? Let me explain to you:


corn puffing making machine


Automatic corn puffing machine belongs to a kind of equipment for processing puffed food, such as processing rice, corn, soybean, wheat and so on in daily life. Its main working principle is that mechanical energy is converted into heat energy. The heat generated when the machine rotates is used to squeeze and cook the food. The most obvious feature of the puffed snack is its larger volume.


puffing making machine


Using the unequal-distance non-standard screw system of the extrusion, the gas in the material is discharged and quickly filled with the material. The material is subjected to the shearing force to produce backflow, which increases the pressure in the chamber. The friction between the stack and the chamber makes the materials fully mixed, squeezed, heated, glued, and gelatinized to produce organizational changes, and the original structure is destroyed.

At the same time, the mechanical energy is converted into heat energy through the friction of the material in the chamber. So that the material becomes a gel state with flow properties. When the material is squeezed to the outlet, the pressure changes from high pressure to normal pressure instantaneously, and from high temperature to normal temperature instantaneously. Water quickly evaporates from the tissue structure to form numerous microporous structures inside, and then passes through the cutting device to cut and cool to puff and shape.


automatic corn puffing making machine

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