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What Is The Artificial Rice Production Line?


This artificial rice production line is developed by Shandong Loyal Industrial Co., Ltd. for the large amount of nutrients lost in the rice during the traditional rice milling process. Rice and its by-products can be made into highly value-added products through the extrusion process. In this process, broken rice and rice bran can be reused. The entire production process is simple and easy to operate: the broken rice is crushed and mixed with a certain amount of water, oil, etc., at a certain temperature, the raw materials are matured in the food extruder machine, and then extruded by the die to form a rice shape, and finally reconstituted The rice grains are dried at a low temperature. This extrusion technology effectively avoids the loss of nutrients, and thus becomes nutrient-rich fortified rice. 



1. The design of the whole machine is compact and reasonable, and the operation is convenient. The equipment section is equipped with a conditioner to pre-curing the materials.

2. PLC touch screen operation, simple and quick

3. International brand electrical devices, big brands, reliable

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