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What Are The Development Trends Of The Food Packaging Industry?


In recent years, with the rapid development of the food industry. As the consumer market continues to upgrade, the food packaging machine industry has ushered in a new development trend. For example, new packaging materials can achieve green degradation and reduce "white pollution." Smart packaging can monitor the temperature of food, can trace the source, and can identify counterfeit products. Bring consumers a different shopping experience. The following Shandong Loyal will explain to you from three aspects:

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"Green packaging" is also called "sustainable packaging". In short, it is "recyclable, easily degradable, and lightweight". At present, more and more countries and regions in the world have restricted or prohibited the use of plastic products in different ways. In addition to "replace plastic with paper" and reduce "white pollution". The use of new packaging materials has also become the direction the industry is exploring.

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With the rapid development of the automatic packaging machine industry. And the diversified needs of the consumer market. Snack packaging production line is developing in the direction of diversification of functions. Including oil-proof, moisture-proof, fresh-keeping, high barrier, active packaging... and modern smart label technology. Such as QR code, blockchain anti-counterfeiting and so on. How to combine with traditional packaging is also the future development trend of the food packaging industry.

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As far as I know, a company that focuses on fresh-keeping technology is experimenting with nano-technology fresh-keeping packaging. According to relevant personnel, the green and environmentally friendly inorganic packaging box using nanotechnology is non-toxic and tasteless. Not only can it inhibit the breathing of the food in the box. It can also absorb the breath of fruits and vegetables to adjust the internal temperature, effectively extending the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. In addition, the entire transportation process does not require any refrigerant, which also saves energy.

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Safe And Reliable

We know that food cannot do without packaging. Most packaging materials directly or indirectly contact the product. The residue of hazardous substances in food packaging is too high. Food safety incidents caused by migration in food frequently occur.

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In addition, the basic function of packaging is to protect food safety. However, some food packaging equipment not only fails to protect the food. Instead, the food was contaminated due to the substandard packaging itself. Therefore, the non-toxic and harmless food packaging materials play a vital role in ensuring food safety.

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