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These Problems Need To Be Noticed When Using Meat Thaw Microwave Equipment


The standard of living is getting better and better today, and we can not live in our daily life without abundant meat and fish, but because the meat products are very easily deteriorated, it is difficult to transport or store, so smart people will freeze the meat products and thaw them when they eat.

frozen meat

Microwave thawing equipment can be very good to thaw meat products, in the face of a wide range of microwave equipment on the market, we finally chose the leader microwave equipment. Because the company's thawing equipment is not only cheap but also has significant advantage.

Advantages of meat microwave thawing equipment :


The microwave of meat thawing microwave machine is produced in industrial stainless steel container. Microwave leakage conforms to the national standard and does not produce additional heat loss and pollution.

2.Operation is simple

Meat thawing microwave machine adopts PLC system, which has simple, stable, safe performance and easy to operate.


Microwave can act directly on the interior of meat products, so microwave thawing machine has no additional heat loss.

4. The operation of the microwave thawing equipment is simple, the technology is advanced, the floor area is small, no other supporting investment is provided, and the manpower is saved.

5. The use of microwave freezer can improve the working conditions and save the area.

Leader microwave equipment is a professional manufacturer of microwave thawing equipment, which has a variety of models, so there is no need to worry about the lack of equipment to meet its own production needs, each model of equipment can achieve the highest productivity.

Meat microwave thawing equipment

Model and technical parameters of meat microwave thawing equipment:




Rated inputapparent power






Type of cooling

Water-Cooling/Air cooling

Water-Cooling/Air cooling

Inlet and outlet height



Height of conveyor



Tranmission speed

0~10m/min(adjustable frequency)

0~10m/min(adjustable frequency)

Dehydration Rated

500-1000KG /H

500-1000KG /H

Contour dimension





The various models of the meat-thawing microwave device are sufficient to meet the production needs of most manufacturers, and it is believed that many manufacturers will have different surprises after using the device, as the device has an obvious advantage over the traditional method of thawing.

Microwave thawing equipment

Difference between traditional thawing method and meat thawing microwave equipment:

The traditional thawing method is mostly water thawing or natural thawing, their common drawback is that the thawing time is relatively long, it takes several hours or even a few days, and there is no guarantee that the thawing is uniform, and the thawed meat products will also have the condition of nutritional loss, which makes the taste worse. When the material is thawed by microwave thawing equipment, it can be thawed in a few minutes. The quality of the thawed meat products is very good, which is not only delicious but also nutritious.

Meat thawing microwave equipment is the product of the times, its appearance can meet the needs of the market very well, thawed meat products are loved by consumers, and bring us rich profits. Microwave thawing equipment can effectively avoid all kinds of disadvantages in the traditional thawing method, which makes the thawed meat products go to a higher level.

The development of microwave technology has brought us great convenience, such as frozen pork microwave thawing equipment, lentinus edodes microwave drying equipment, osmanthus  microwave green equipment and so on, all play an important role. Under the guidance of microwave technology, we must be able to emit light and heat in our own industry!

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