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Mango Drying Microwave Drying Equipment Can Be A Lot Of Roles


Dried mango is a snack made with mango. Mango is made into dried mango. Most of the nutrients are preserved. Usually, eat dried mango can supplement vitamins. Dried mango will have a faint scent of mango flavor, people who have eaten mango will be familiar with this taste; dried mango not only a light scent, and sweet and sour by many people like.

dried mango

Microwave technology is an essential means of food processing but also has a bactericidal effect, can better maintain food nutrients and flavor, color, with time-saving and energy-saving characteristics. Leader Microwave Equipment Company uses microwave technology to produce dry mango microwave drying equipment, specializing in the processing of mango into dry mango.

Advantages of microwave drying equipment for mango:

1. The drying rate, crispness, color, and appearance of mango slices were right after the moisture content of mango slices was reduced by mango microwave drying machine before drying.

2. Microwave has penetration. In the drying process, mango dry microwave drying equipment can be excellent penetration of mango, inside and outside, heating, drying degree is good, uniform.

3. Microwave heating does not need a heat conduction process, and the drying equipment acts directly on mango to achieve the purpose of rapid heating, energy-saving, and high efficiency. The quality of the dried mango is excellent.

4. Because the heating speed is fast, the heating is uniform, and the drying process is accompanied by sterilization, so the dried mango color, taste, and nutrients are well preserved.

5. The microwave drying mango dryer has good performance, novel design, reliable quality, energy-saving, and high efficiency, which is incomparable to other equipment, so it is trendy.

Microwave drying equipment for mango

As shown in the picture, it is Leader Microwave Equipment Company's mango dry microwave drying equipment. Their factory also produces other microwave equipment. Such as fungus microwave drying equipment, microwave defrosting equipment for shrimp, red wine microwave sterilization equipment are hot products.

Working principle of microwave drying equipment for mango:

Microwave is a kind of high-frequency wave, changing at a speed of 2.4 billion times per second, which causes the high-speed rotation motion of water molecules. They rub against each other to produce significant heat, can be convenient for drying materials. After the object absorbs microwave energy and converts it into heat, the object's temperature rises. The water inside the item evaporates, dehydrates, and dries; If the dehydration rate is adequately controlled, the structure of the thing can be loosened and expanded when the material is dried. In this process, it is also possible to control the heating temperature so that the item is baking.

Schematic diagram

The mango microwave drying equipment is widely used, not only for food drying but also has a sterilization effect to ensure the quality of food. As for the price, perhaps in similar equipment, it is not the cheapest, but the absolute value for money, so that you can not buy a loss, but not be fooled.

Technical parameters of microwave drying equipment for mango:






Height of inlet and outlet








Transmission band width




Rated input apparent power




Transmission speed




Microwave output power




Installation dimensions



Are you interested in this? Is there a need for such a device? Microwave equipment produced by Leader Microwave Equipment Company allows you to experience a different feeling. People who have used it all agree that there is no need to hesitate anymore. Microwave drying, selecting it is absolutely right!

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