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The Precautions For Using Dog Food Extruder Machine


The dog pet food production line uses starch, flour, animal skins and other food additives as raw materials. And then the full automatic pet feed making machine uses unique extrusion methods and molds to produce a variety of strips, rods, twists, two-color or multi-color food with different shapes and sandwiches. By adjusting the formula, the nutritional needs of pets can be provided, and the chewing preferences of pets can be satisfied.

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With the continuous progress of social development, more and more people keep pets, and the number of dog food is also increasing. Do you know the precautions for the use of industrial dog food extruder machinery and equipment? There is a general introduction of precautions for the use of commercial dog food extruder:


dog food machine

1. When the dog food pellet machine is working, do not reach into the feeding port with your hands. If necessary, you can use wooden sticks to help feed.

2. Before turning on the pet food extruder making machine, add less material before turning it on. When shutting down, leave a small amount of feed in the machine to prevent the pressing roller of the machine from contacting with the template and running idly.

3. If the automatic dog food making machine is stuck in operation, stop it immediately, press the pressure roller until the bolt is loose, and then restart the machine.

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4. After the pet food making machine has been used for a certain period of time or pressed out a certain number of pellets, if the resulting pellets are broken or not solid, turn the top of the mill pan to the bottom and add 2%-4% water to the mixed feed.

5. The pellet machine should work at low load for about 40 hours during the second use, and then replace the gear oil in the gearbox. After 100 hours of regular replacement, all bearings should be regularly filled with grease.

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