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Aquatic Feed Is Growing Steadily Which Supported By Aquatic Feed Production Line


With the growth of per capita income and the increase in urbanization rate, domestic consumption of aquatic products has increased substantially, and per capita consumption has more than doubled compared with the early 1990s. Due to the limited fishing resources available, the growth of my country's aquatic product supply mainly depends on the aquaculture industry, and the growth of the aquaculture scale drives the development of the aquatic feed industry. At present, the aquatic feed industry as a whole has entered a period of steady growth.

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According to the feeding species, aquatic feed can be divided into fish feed, shrimp and crab feed, reptiles and amphibians. Fish feed, as the name suggests, is feed for fish. Its main ingredients are protein, fat, vitamins and minerals. Protein is an important nutrient for fish and shrimp to survive, and an important component of the body's cells, tissues and organs.

fish feed machine

The purpose of feeding fish is to:

1. Provide the necessary nutritional requirements for keeping fish in good health.

2. Minimize the waste brought to the environment.

3. It is the best profit to pay a reasonable cost.

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There are endless full automatic aquatic feed production lines on the market. It is particularly important to choose a pet food mechanical equipment that adapts to the development of the industry. The twin-screw extrusion fish feed production line has learned European technology, adopts a unit-screw combined structure. And then the industrial floating fish feed production line can achieve precise control of production parameters. The commercial fish feed extrusion process can decompose protein and is easy to digest and absorb. The aquatic food from the automatic aquatic feed production line has high protein and complete nutrients, and the product can float on the water surface or sink to the bottom. The industrial fish food processing line can be applied to floating and sinking feeds for various fish and shrimps and other aquatic products. Without wasting feed, and adding trace elements, the fish feed extruder machine can promote the rapid growth of aquatic products. Therefore, the industrial pet food processing line is an ideal choice for different manufacturers.

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