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Nutrition Baby Rice Powder Production Line Manufacturing Process

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Nutritional powder refers to cereals as the main raw materials (corn, rice, millet, wheat, oats, yam, konjac, etc., with the addition of various beans such as black beans, red beans, barley, black sesame, etc.), together with vegetables, fruits, Selective ingredients such as eggs and meat, adding calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals and vitamins through the nutrition baby rice powder machine manufacturing process to make cereal starch gelatinized and protein matured, processed into a new era of convenient eating, rich flavor and nutrition Nutritional supplement food. Collectively referred to as nutritional powders, nutritional powders can be divided into infants and young children nutritional powders, young and middle-aged energy nutritional powders, middle-aged health nutritional powders, middle-aged and elderly health-care nutritional powders according to the users.

Baby Powder Production Line recipt

Nutrition Powder Processing Line can be divided into small, medium, and large production lines according to the production output and the nature of the raw materials. Baby rice powder production line lines process products according to the user's product positioning and configure the baby nutrition powder process line with the appropriate process scheme.

Nutritional Baby Rice Powder Making Machine Manufacturing Project Report 

Nutrition Baby Rice Powder Production Line Manufacturing Process: raw material crushing → mixing → extrusion puffing → drying → secondary crushing → secondary mixing → storage → packaging → finished product storage


Nutritional Baby Rice Powder Making Machine Manufacturing Project Report 

Automatic feeding milling machine-raw material conveying pipeline (induced fan, wind trap, dust collector)-storage bin (automatic discharge device)-auto weigher (with automatic discharge device, weighing raw material size can be Adjusting)-Conveyor--Powder Mixer--Screw Conveyor--Twin Screw Extruder--Air Conveyor-Industrical dryer--Pulverizer--Pipeline--Air Blower, Dust Collector--Mixer--Conveyor --microwave sterilization furnace--Storage silo--Packing machine

Nutrition Baby Rice Powder Production Line price for sale

Baby Nutrition Powder Machine Plant List:


Milling Machine: generally used cast steel pulverizer, cheap and practical (customers can buy it locally)

Automatic weighing system; high-end configuration of an automated assembly line among large production lines

Powder mixer; it can mix 50 kg of raw materials at one time, the equipment is easy to maintain and easy to use

Twin Screw Extruder; Extruders have Five models, according to the diameter and length of the extruder screw. 100-120kg/h can produce various puffed foods including nutritional powder, 200-250kg/h puffing machine mainly produces breakfast cereals, porridge products and fried foods, nutritional powder production, 500kg/h is mainly used as feed and puffed powder products. 800-1000kg/h can product all kinds of snacks food.

Air conveyor; air conveyors are equipped with different models of air conveyors according to the output size. The main function is to convey materials. The biggest feature is that the area is small, and the placement can be changed according to the site.

Industrical Dryer; the length and width of the oven can be customized according to actual needs. There are three types of conventional products: five meters three layers, five meters five layers, eight meters three layers, eight meters five layers, eight meters seven layers, ten meters five The heating methods are divided into three types, electric heating type, fuel oil heating type, gas heating type,

Pulverizer: raw material pipeline, pulverizer, powder pipeline, scrubber, wind trap, induced draft fan, dust collector. There are two types of crusher: cast steel type and stainless steel type, all of which are packed with stainless steel. The mesh number can be adjusted by changing the sieve

Mixing machine; it is composed of mixing machine and feeding machine. The feeding machine is controlled by frequency conversion and its speed is adjustable. It is mainly to add some other grain raw materials to it

Microwave sterilization furnace; sterilize the product effectively to prevent all kinds of intestinal bacteria from killing. Guarantee product qualit

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