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200-250kgh pet feed production line shipped to Myanmar


Pet feed production line project Shipped To Myanmar. pet feed production line integrates advanced pet feed production technology from home and abroad and allows continuous automatic pet feed production.

Our pet feed production line can change the shape of pet feed by changing different molds. Cute and novel shape, various types of cat and dog food, dog food, and fish feed are loved by the public, and it is an ideal machine for continuous production of pet feed to meet the market demand.The highly automated pet feed production line can not only produce stable quality products but also reduce your production costs, and purchasing a high-quality production line will surely provide you with high profitability and maximize your benefits.

We use wooden crates and rolls of film to pack the machines for our customers.

Machine for Pet food production line: Mixer-Screw ConveyorDouble Screw ExtruderAir ConveyorDryerHoisterFlavoring MachineCooling Machine

pet food production line manufacturers has a number of pet food processing project technology patents, which can provide you with the most detailed formula and pet food manufacturing process documents, which can save pet food processing plant costs while improving Good development in the pet food manufacturing equipment manufacturing industry makes your pet food production  project profitable in the dog fish pet feed manufacturing industry.

pet food mainly uses protein and fat as raw materials, including wheat, soybean, rapeseed, rice bran, bran, blood, bone, meat, oil, antibiotics, vitamins, etc.

We expect our customers to make satisfactory pet feed after receiving the machine.

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