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Introduction Of Automatic Continuous Fryer


1. Introduction Of Automatic Continuous Fryer

The continuous fryer adopts electric heating, which is safe and hygienic. The heating tube is installed in the heat transfer oil layer, which does not touch food and does not need to be cleaned. The edible oil absorbs the heat of the hot oil to increase the temperature, avoiding the direct effect of the coking heater on the edible oil and causing food. The rapid aging of oil can extend the life of edible oil by more than 1.5 times. High safety, the heating tube is completely sealed to avoid fire caused by exposure of the heating tube. The fryer equipment has a scraper system for continuous frying. The oil residue produced in this process is discharged from the bottom. The main mesh belt is equipped with an anti-floating mesh belt to prevent the product from floating in the fryer and ensure the frying effect of the product. The upper cover of the fryer has a condensate collection function to prevent the condensate from returning to the oil tank. Hot oil spilled, causing burns. The heating temperature of the fryer can be set according to the product process requirements.

2. Features of Automatic Continuous Fryer

◇The mesh belt drive adopts frequency conversion stepless speed regulation. The frying time is controllable.

◇The equipment is equipped with an automatic lifting system, the upper cover and the mesh belt can be raised and lowered for easy cleaning.

◇There is a slag discharge system at the bottom, which can discharge the generated residue at any time.

◇Using high-efficiency heat-conducting device, high energy utilization rate, which is beneficial to reduce enterprise cost.

◇The whole machine uses electricity, coal or natural gas as heat energy, food grade 304 Made of stainless steel.

◇The upper and lower double-layer mesh belts are used for transmission, and the product is sandwiched between the double-layer mesh belts to prevent the product from floating.

◇The equipment is equipped with an oil circulation filter system, which can continuously filter residual oil during the production process, reduce the acid value of the oil, reduce the color of the oil, and extend the service life of the edible oil more than ten times.


3. Scope of application

It is suitable for continuous production of meat, aquatic products, vegetables, pasta and other products.


Chicken Nuggets



Tempura Products


continuous fryer design for sale


Coated Vegetables

French Fries

Hash Browns

Potato chips


continuous fryer design technical

Nuts and seed


Green Bean

Cashew Nut

 Broad Bean

Banana Chips

industrical frying making machine process

Snacks Foods


doritos chips

Shirmp chips

pellet snacks


Automatic industrial continuous frying machine for sale

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