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Industrial Microwave Oven for Shelled Peanuts Drying



The function of peanut is to harmonize the spleen and stomach, replenish blood, stop bleeding, and reduce blood pressure and lipid.

1.Among them, the function of nourishing blood and stopping bleeding is the credit for the peanut shell.

Western medicine believes that peanut shells can inhibit the dissolution of fibrin, increase platelets' content.

2.They can improve the quality of platelets, improve the defects of coagulation factors, and strengthen the contractile function of capillaries and promote the hematopoietic function of bone marrow.

3.Therefore, it has a distinct effect on various kinds of bleeding and anemia caused by bleeding, aplastic anemia, and other diseases.

The customer used the hot air drying equipment before, which occupied a large area and was 30 meters long. Moreover, the hot air drying needs preheating, and the drying can only be carried out when the temperature rises to 90 ℃.

The drying time is long and not even enough. The hot air needs to transmit heat to the peanut through the shell, which leads to more energy loss.

The processing flow of shelled peanuts is as follows:

Dried peanuts - screening and removing impurities - weighing - soaking, cleaning - Cooking - soaking and flavoring - drying - finished products - packaging - warehousing.

3kg dry peanuts were washed and immersed, cooked for 3 hours, air-dried for 10 minutes to remove surface moisture. The measured humidity was 37.86% and placed in a 20kw tunnel microwave dryer without overlap.

Set the transmission to 8HZ, automatically adjust the power, the upper temperature limit is 110℃, the lower limit is 90℃, the microwave power is increased by 200w, the time is 2s, and the microwave is 5 minutes.

Peanuts cooked after microwave drying, their moisture content is 3.68%. Through the customer's inspection, they are very satisfied with the microwave drying effect. The microwave drying peanut equipment can refer to the design of baking cereals, but the moisture of traditional cereals is high after baking, and the conveyor belt should use mesh belt.

The microwave drying peanut equipment increases the humidity exhaust fan, and the effect will be better. The feed part uses a vibrating screen to ensure smooth and even spreading. According to the experimental data and the output of the customer, we customize 100kw water cooling equipment for the customer, which can process 300kg per hour.

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