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Industrial Dryer for Yellow Mealworm Drying



Yellow mealworm contains protein, fat, polysaccharides,and other organic macromolecular nutrients. Its also rich in phosphorus, potassium, iron, sodium, aluminum, and other trace elements.

Yellow mealworm advantage:

1.The protein content of dried powder per 100g of yellow mealworm larvae was between 48% and 54%, and the fat content was between 28% and 41%.

2.Other such as vitamin E, and B1, B2 content is also higher, with higher nutrients.

Because its protein content is higher than the general insect, it is also called protein insect. It can be used or made animal protein feed.
3.Yellow mealworm is fed with wheat bran and green vegetable leaf commonly.

The moisture content of live insects is 70%, or so, the moisture content after drying qualified should be less than 5%, convenient follow-up processing operation.

3.To facilitate drying of mealworms, improve efficiency, and reduce energy consumption.

It is better to stop feeding feed 12 hours before drying.
4.When drying, microwave must be turned on with high power, so that insects can expand in an instant. In this way, the insects have a golden color, a sizeable puffed individual, and a beautiful appearance.

When the live insects enter the cabinet, we can hear the popping sound of popping insects, indicating that the power is appropriate. The drying temperature is set at 120℃, and the drive device power of tunnel machine with 20kw conventional width controls at 10HZ increases the volume of exhausting moisture. Mealworms have a higher moisture content, and the humidity in the box is higher during microwave drying.

The microwave absorbs the heat and conducts it to the box. If the power supply of the air-cooled equipment is placed on the top, it is necessary to install heat insulation cotton on the top of the microwave box to remove moisture.

The heat exhaust cannot share a fan, and the heat exhaust is a separate fan to prevent the power supply and the magnetron from overheating due to the cabinet's heat conduction.
If the power is too low, it is not only the swelling drying effect is not good, but also easy to cause yellow mealworms to turn to black.

Yellow mealworm use microwave technology dry not only has good quality, but the machine also has a bactericidal effect, which can be directly packaged and circulated or entered into deep processing procedures.

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