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Industrial Fryer Process


The Fried snacks continuous fryer process system is specially designed for continuous,high scale factory use, including : A. Infeeding B.commercial deep fryer C. Oil filtering D. Oil circulation E. Deoiling F. Flavoring G.Cooling With features fully automatic process, high output, process product more precisely ,efficiently.

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The circulation pump 9 sends the oil to the heat exchanger 10, and exchanges heat with the heat conduction oil from the boiler, so that the temperature of the working oil rises to about 170 ℃. Put the material into the inlet feed and sink it into the oil first. With the flow of the oil, the material is washed under the fryer belt working net. Under the driving of the net baffle and the oil flow, the material is fried, and finally the material floats. Taken to the exit by the lifting net out 2. At the same time of frying, the filter circulation pump 8 is started, the working oil is filtered through the 7 oil filter, and the heating circulating pump 9 intermittently draws oil from the working oil tank to replenish the working oil. The deep fryer machine is equipped with a lifting device to facilitate cleaning and replacement of working oil.

During the operation of the fryer, the material is always pressed under the mesh belt to ensure that the material is fried in oil.The operation of the mesh belt is realized by the transmission of the chain and the gearbox after the speed of the speed-regulated motor is changed. Its running speed is 2 m/min (median). The time from material input to output can be

Adjustable from 1 to 3 min. The industrial fryer speed of the motor is adjusted by the inverter, and the speed is preset first, and then adjusted to the required speed according to the actual situation.

Contunuous fryer can make different longth, like 3M , 4M 5M, 6M 8M or more longer. Different product the fryer machine systems design is different .

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Material enters the frying equipment, dials the shaft (shakes the wings) Bring material into the mesh belt,The material always runs in the middle of the two-layer mesh belt. To ensure that the material is fried in the frying. The upper mesh belt can suppress the product and prevent the lighter product from floating out.

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The belt operation is changed by the speed regulating motor. After the chain and the chain gears and the gear transmission, the speed of the mesh belt can be adjusted. The frying time of different products is different.

The stainless steel deep fryer has lifting device for easy cleaning, and the cover collects smoke to exclude the outside (can connect the chimney to the outside)

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Continuous fryer - can increase the oil circulation filtration system, filter the oil residue, reduce the acid value of the oil, restore the color of the oil, and prolong the service life of the edible oil


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